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12 things happy people do differently

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Enjoyed your Christmas celebration and preparing for the coming new year?


Well, maybe it's time to start settling down and thinking about how you've come so far and where to next.


I thought it'll be good to share an article by Jacob Sokol of Sensophy which I've redone as a graphic for you to share.


Many people are now richer and better off but not much happier. So what happened in spite of all the economic growth and general improvement in various aspects of life.


It was exactly the same question that Gautama Buddha was seeking 2500 years ago under the Bodhi tree. Since then the concept of happiness and what constitute happiness has changed.


In 2013, being given an iPhone 5 will make one happy. However the basic behaviours that influence what makes a person happy has not change very much.


Being optimistic and be grateful for what you have is one. Not enjoying the little things in life and keep trying to compare with what others have has kept many people awake with discontentment. In the pursuit of bigger things in life, have you ignored the little ones at home or family and friends you've left behind?


Change is the only constant in life. So has a change kept you from moving forward? A failed marriage, a failed job or a death? Learning to cope and being able to forgive and forget is a critical skill in life. Unfortunately this is not something they teach in school.


In keeping tight focus on your objectives, have you also lose focus on people around you. Keep in touch with friends and be kind to people around you. Get to know your feelings and learn to express them. It is something that is hard for a guy. I should know that :(


Sometimes people wasted their health when chasing after wealth and then spent the remainder of their life using up all their wealth to bring back their health. Take care of both your physical and spiritual health so that you are mentally fit.


Happiness is differently for differently people. For some, like a mother, happiness is seeing their child grow up healthy and has a good job. For others, happiness is buying a house in the prime district of the city. Whatever it is , it is important to keep a balance of all the things are important to you - your health, your soul and the family and friends who supports and keep you going day after day and through all your trouble.


Reflect, be thankful and do one thing to tell someone they are special. Best wishes and have a wonderful 2014.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report Christ_hui 2013-12-27 09:30
have a wonderful 2014
Reply Report juzunme 2013-12-27 15:26
Thanks, Hui. I thought I'll call you Hui since it's a bit funny to be calling you Christ  
Wish your career move as fast as the horse in the coming year.
Reply Report juzunme 2014-3-27 14:40
omlp: that is a  very cool article you wrote! And it is very true, I see life way differen after becoming a mom. http://www.openmindedlifepath.com also has  ...
Thanks. It's an interesting website that you recommend. I especially like this quote:

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”
― Paulo Coelho

Best wishes to being a mum. It hard work but balance by seeing a bundle of joy growing and changing everyday. Take photo or video for the moment will pass quickly and never   return.
Reply Report omlp 2014-3-27 15:24
that is a  very cool article you wrote! And it is very true, I see life way differen after becoming a mom. http://www.openmindedlifepath.com also has good articles on the topic. Have a great year!!

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