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Share A poster to start your China Dream 中国梦
2014-1-2 06:57
A poster to start your China Dream 中国梦
Steve Job didn't dream of building the ipod and iphone when he first started. Those product don't exist then. How can you dream of something that don't exist? That's the different between dream and fact. Steve Job started it with an idea. Fact is what you already know. What everyone most probably know. But dream is born from an idea, a wish or a hope. A dream can be as small as wanting to start a business to as big as sending a spacecraft to land on a moon. There are those ...
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Share Suzhou Transform
2013-11-29 19:30
Suzhou Transform
苏州的变化 All these photos were done entirely on various phone apps based on a photo sent by a friend in shanghai. Be free to create, willing to experiment and open to ideas. It is an important element in your personal growth. Failure is another important part of growth. If you don't fail, how do you know what works or which is better. There is noperfection. There is always something else you can do better. To create something new, you must do something y ...
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Share Do material possessions make us truly happy? (SAT Exam Nov 2013)
2013-11-23 13:14
Do material possessions make us truly happy? (SAT Exam Nov 2013) Do material possessions make us truly happy? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations. We are often reminded that acquiring and owning material possessions—money, property, jewelry, even clothing—will not lead to true happiness. While it is certainly true that material p ...
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Share When the last crane left ...
2013-11-15 21:29
When the last crane left ...
Urbanization takes toll on wetlands It was the year 2050. A grandma was bringing her grandson for a walk by the shore. The grandson asked - "Grandma, why is the land so dry?" A wet tear swell up in Grandma's eye. "Ming, when I was a young girl, this land was the most beautiful place I've seen." The grandson queried - "Beautiful? This place?" "Yes, Ming. This place was beautiful once upon ...
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Share Beijing and Singapore - 2nd language university entrance requirement
2013-11-9 11:37
Beijing to downplay English in college admission View from Singapore... This reminds me of the days when Singapore also did the same with its 2nd language (Mandarin/Malay/Tamil) requirements for University entrance. Many Chinese students were having a hard time learning Mandarin which they seldom use in their daily writing. However they to pass the Chinese subject if they want to get into the University. If they have ...
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Share Is Face (面子) the barrier to learning?
2013-10-30 16:46
Is Face (面子) the barrier to learning?
I read with interest MichaelM's article on the problem with foreign teachers on and would like to comment on two of the points. Having work in both the East and West, I can understand the difference in working style between the two. Chinese are still conscious about "Face" (面子). Everything needs to be perfect. The perfect 100 marks. The number one position. The perfect wife. The perfect leader who never makes mistake. Michael comm ...
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Share Learning new ideas
2013-10-26 21:25
It's important to relax andplay with ideas. You never know what new ideas you can generated. Play is an important element in generating new thoughts and ideas and is the mother of invention. Readthe next parthere -
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Share Learning Style - The Effect of a Culture
2013-10-26 21:09
Power Distance (PDI) At 80 China sits in the higher rankings of PDI – i.e. a society that believes that inequalities amongst people are acceptable. The subordinate-superior relationship tends to be polarized and there is no defense against power abuse by superiors. Individuals are influenced by formal authority and sanctions and are in general optimistic about people’s capacity for leadership and initiative. People should not have aspirations beyond their rank. Individualism versus C ...
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Share Learning is an Adventure
2013-10-26 20:45
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Life is a journey, to experience and grow ~ To follow your heart, to run with the flow ~ The travel you made, the people you know ~ The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows.

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  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:51

    So-called "Xinjiang"'s landscapes are extremely varied, ranging from alpine mountains (Mt. Bogoda, Tianshan etc.) clad in a mantle of firs and beeches, to grassland (Jungaria) to the deserts (GObi, Taklimakan) and oasis towns (Turpan, Kumul, Kashgar). You can get the feel of Swiss mountains, Saharan desert and Mongolian steppe.

  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:46

    juzunme: Yes, fresh snow is pretty but not when it melts. Well, a thing of beauty don't last forever.
    Unfortunately time was short but I would love to travel f ...
    I have been to so-called "Xinjiang" around a dozen times. It is fascinating because it is NOT like China proper; it has less uniformity and a lot more open spaces. The less Chinese it looks, the more authentic it is. Unfortunately, Urumqi is mostly a Chinese city that looks like a replica lifted straight out of the eastern sea board.

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