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Share A walk on dream - 九寨沟
2014-7-6 21:38
A walk on dream - 九寨沟
When you see the Yak with their long coat of hair, you know you are approaching the cold mountains of Jiuzhaigou. Seeing the snowy mountain from afar brings anticipation and wonder of what it'll be like up there. Finally in Jiuzhaigou. First stop was the premieval forest with its massive towering trees. With the thinning air in there, breathing starts to get a little bit difficult. Forgot about my breathing problem when I saw this bird up close. With the soft light of the forest, it lo ...
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Life is a journey, to experience and grow ~ To follow your heart, to run with the flow ~ The travel you made, the people you know ~ The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows.

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  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:51

    So-called "Xinjiang"'s landscapes are extremely varied, ranging from alpine mountains (Mt. Bogoda, Tianshan etc.) clad in a mantle of firs and beeches, to grassland (Jungaria) to the deserts (GObi, Taklimakan) and oasis towns (Turpan, Kumul, Kashgar). You can get the feel of Swiss mountains, Saharan desert and Mongolian steppe.

  • Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-7 20:46

    juzunme: Yes, fresh snow is pretty but not when it melts. Well, a thing of beauty don't last forever.
    Unfortunately time was short but I would love to travel f ...
    I have been to so-called "Xinjiang" around a dozen times. It is fascinating because it is NOT like China proper; it has less uniformity and a lot more open spaces. The less Chinese it looks, the more authentic it is. Unfortunately, Urumqi is mostly a Chinese city that looks like a replica lifted straight out of the eastern sea board.

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