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  • It has been great writing for the China Daily blog but it's time to get back to work. Glad to see such vibrant comments and engaging discussion. Till the next time, 再见。 Reply
  • Sometimes the prison of the mind is harder to break out of. Like waiting for the traffic light to change, watching the world pass you by. Reply
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fluteyi 2014-3-31 13:16:31
juzunme: It's just a comment to your profile - "A singer who does not aspire to be a writer is not a good teacher."

I just thought it's an interesti ...
. "I have been lost the past four years " I am not sure what you mean here. Maybe we are in the similar situation.
fluteyi 2014-3-27 21:26:53
juzunme: Maybe you have not found your true self yet? Talk to people about your desire. The more you talk about it, the closer you get to knowing what you want ...
Would you mind telling me what "threads" here means?
fluteyi 2014-3-27 21:04:38
juzunme: Maybe you have not found your true self yet? Talk to people about your desire. The more you talk about it, the closer you get to knowing what you want ...
Thank you for your concern and suggestions. Are you a psychologist or whatsoever? Just tell me the reasons for your comment, and I will greatly appreciate that.
liu5222512 2014-1-1 11:04:14
juzunme: Happy 2014 Liu. Hope you have a great horse year.
Thanks for your greeting.
Happy 2014.
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Journey out west - Xinjiang 2015-10-01
I read with interest Chevalerie's blog on "The dream come true in Urumqi". It brought back past memories of a visit to Xinjiang. It was on a break during my study tour to Fudan University in ...
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Fighting for Fair 2015-08-30
There was a small Malaysian demonstration in Melbourne yesterday. They called it BERSIH which means clean (thats why the picture of the minion cleaning itself)  The demonstration was small compared to the one in Kuala Lumpur. The foc ...
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What's the difference? Taiwan food scandal and Pakistan schoolchildren killed. 2014-12-19
Two unrelated events. One in Pakistan. Another in Taiwan. One resulted in 132 children killed by the Taliban in a school. The other another food scandal from the same company providing instant noodle that people eat every other day. The other time ...
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Class difference and discrimination 2014-12-14
Thai flight forced to return by unruly Chinese passengers Korean Air flight attendant was forced to kneel in front of executive From the above two articles, it would seem that master-servant class division and discrimin ...
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Chicken feet - so white, nice and deadly 2014-08-26
A 16-month-old boy (body weight 11.6 kg) was found playing with an empty bottle that had contained about 230 g of 3%  hydrogen peroxide  solution. The container had a cracked lid that allowed the contents to be sucked. White foam emerge ...
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Money to burn 2014-08-22
That was the title of an article about how rich kids party in Shanghai where one night out will cost $1000, a bottle of Dom Perignon cost $557  and one mega party consume 140 bottle of champagne in one single night. Alot of thought crosses my m ...
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Map of immigrants in Melbourne and it's very RED. 2014-08-06
Melbourne is a multicultural city but one nationality is fast dominating the landscape. According to a CNN report on the "millionaire visa": ( http://edition.cnn. ...
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