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Share I love China. But what am I to do?
2014-3-16 22:12
I love China. I have made my home here. I have started my family here. I try my best to influence my students and help them in life. I always try to be friendly with the locals and learn about their lives. I have always defended China against the "China haters", especially when back home. But now, it is becoming more difficult to defend my new home. Today, the news from Europe was the story that Paris has severe pollution and has implemented emergency measures to help curb the p ...
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      • I love China. But what am I to do? 2014-3-19 04:56

        Might I suggest that you return to your home country for a visit? See the things missing there that China has and, when you come back, you will appreciate this wonderful country again. China isn't perfect (yet) but you are looking at the negatives which is an easy trap to fall into. When you speak with your friends back home, tell them of how safe it is here to walk in any street and at any time of the day or night. Ask them when was the last time they could enjoy such a reassuring feeling?

      • I love China. But what am I to do? 2014-3-18 18:48

        One loves and defends those one loves even if they have problems. If problems cause you to lose the love to defend 'your' China, you probably dont belong there. Pollution is a by product of development.  Try to do something about reducing consumption in your own life to generate less pollutants and you might inspire others. That would be a meaningful way to do contribute to this issue rather than use it to make it a target for China bashers... You would not have loved the UK or USA or Germany or France in the days of their fastest development.

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