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Share Willing to sleep through the whole life
2015-10-26 10:32
Willing to sleep through the whole life
Today, it is a tough day. The wind is howling and thesky is raining.My hands are frozen and my shoes are wet. Soit is a different choiceto get up this morning.That's not enough. There are a lot of things waiting for me, such as job hunting,self-introduction in English, andlesson preparations for trial teachings.There are so many things, some clear to conduct while others unclear.Wish to sleep through the rest of my life. Nothing ...
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Share Is there pure friendship between the opposite sex ?
2013-9-27 21:35
Do your think there is a kind of pure friendship between the opposite sex? I believe so. We can have many friends, but one lover. I have many close male friends, and my close female friends are all with boy-like qualities. May be the environment I grew up formed the case. I grew up among the boys, as there was almost no girl with the same age around. And now I find it is easy for me to get along with male friends. As they are simple and direct, so there is no need to guess what's in ...
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