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wow i have not been here for a long time!
2016-7-17 21:01:41 Reply
good night
  • Ashikujaman: Good Night. Have a sweet dreams. (12-28 01:41)
  • Ashikujaman: Good Night. also advance Good Morning and have aNice day (1-23 05:26)
  • Ashikujaman: 晚安 (4-12 00:31)
2015-10-1 23:45:48 Reply
Whats on your mind...never love someone who treat you ordinary person
2015-9-6 08:08:34 Reply
it has been passed one more year, it's really hard to forget a person you loved deeply!because he was there and didn't leave, i hope someone can walk in my heart! happy valentine's day
2015-8-20 00:53:22 Reply
i love rainbow
2015-3-18 09:55:09 Reply
  • Ashikujaman: May Luck be Always with you! (2-8 20:01)
2015-3-16 00:01:41 Reply
how to move on?
  • snowipine: When here is not clear solution for the time being, then maybe trying to begin with the easiest Plan A is an alternative. (2-9 21:24)
  • A_Blue_Sky:   now i am clear and thats what i thought. thanks (2-9 21:37)
2015-1-24 12:36:01 Reply
i would like to call my friends baby! so dont be scared if i called you baby LOL
  • snowipine: Joke is joke, life can't leave the words of " Fun" and "Laughter". (2-9 21:36)
  • A_Blue_Sky:   yeah thats true (2-9 21:39)
2015-1-14 12:01:13 Reply
元旦节快乐! to all of you! hello 2015 wish everything could be fine
2014-12-31 21:29:36 Reply
the one who loves you will never gonna leave you.
2014-12-24 23:45:31 Reply
wish all the people i knew  , some i love who love me or those who saw my messages Merrry Christmas!
2014-12-24 12:46:04 Reply
its said that those girls looking good have already accepted Christmas gifts. look at myself in the mirror opps i am going to jump into the river ahhahahahahah
  • snowipine: Don't jump, don't, since the water is too icy to take a cosy swim, you know it's not the sweating summertime (2-9 22:02)
  • A_Blue_Sky:    (2-9 22:13)
2014-12-10 21:57:25 Reply
good morning! everyone! what a beautiful day! lets go go work hahaha
2014-11-28 08:22:13 Reply
if you ask me what is one of your most  precious personalities? i will reply you there are simple and kind!
2014-11-25 20:55:44 Reply
i have a lot of passion and activeness:-D
2014-11-11 18:38:42 Reply
What's on your mind...headache
2014-10-27 19:53:30 Reply
What's on your mind...preparing another blog(duck)
2014-10-25 16:05:43 Reply
What's on your mind...preparing blog contests
2014-10-19 12:00:22 Reply
my cellphone took a shower today! he is totally dead now!
  • snowipine: Buy a new one! (2-9 22:06)
  • A_Blue_Sky: i have already bought a new one (2-9 22:12)
  • speaker1234: you probably already threw the phone away, but the next time it gets wet, you can use the hair dryer to dry it. blow on it for about 5 minutes. it worked for me. (8-14 23:00)
2014-10-14 19:49:24 Reply
What's on your mind...some people just passed in your life
2014-9-16 19:14:14 Reply
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  • why should you keep yourself being better? 2016-11-2 20:59

    elzach: Interesting blog. However, it doesn't address the cause, NOR the result. Because in China being single is not by choice, for the vast majority of thes ...
    actually sometimes i also want to finish my single life , because i hope there is somene be with me so that i wont feel lonley

  • Shanghai Disneyland Park 2016-10-30 11:25

    Better place for journey, and photograghs is nice very much.

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