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Share Shanghai Disneyland Park
2016-8-8 23:52
Shanghai Disneyland Park
I usually plan on travelling in every single summer holiday, so does this year. The destination of this year is shanghai Disneyland. it’s the dreamy heaven that covers an area of 963 acres with advanced technical equipments to be personally on the scene, and with dressing like fairy-tale characters walking down the Disneyland street. It deserves you to visit the park, you could properly take your kids; some of entertainment subjects are limited by height. Here ...
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Share why should you keep yourself being better?
2016-4-26 21:31
Few days ago,I read the news about the population sexratioof males to females in China. According to the calculation, it revealed a serious social phenomenon. In the mainland of China, the male population is 703.56 million people or 51.22%. The female population is 669.93 million people, which accounted for 48.78%. This means thousands of Chinese men will always be single which gives a big question to consider. However, no matter whether you are single or married, male or femal ...
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Share Did you bare your heart today?
2016-3-28 23:57
Did you bare your heart today? Perhaps it’s the reason for common characters of Asian people ; or it’s the reason to barely follow the rhythm of our society; or its given that too much pressure of life, all of which forced us rarely to express our affections for those who we really care! I have tried to express my affections for my friends and some of my students’ mothers helped me in some ways . To tha ...
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Share What makes you laugh?
2016-1-15 00:00
As living tempo quickens , the stressful of society will be undertaken by more and more people. have you forgotten to express your smiling ?or can you still keep a lovely and pure smile like a child? While you encountered a person who can make you laugh, there is no doubt whoever she/he is, just to be his friend. While you found out those beautiful things in life can make you laugh, go for it and care about it without hesitation. ...
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Share Attitude decides success or failure
2015-11-18 16:51
While young people started to step out of the college campus, they find a job and come in to society. However, they realized the reality which is so cruel is not such beautiful what they expected before. Whether at work or in life, we have to encounter some thorny troubles made us feel agonizing. Only realistic society was able to put someone through the mill to gain tenacious willpower and endurance. A person with a positive attitude can move forw ...
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Share Do your students like you?
2015-10-13 21:48
As the improvements in people’s living standards, and parents pay more attention on their kids’ education which is extremely picky about teachers lead to much pressure comes to teachers. According to the result of investigation, the number of students interested in each subject indicates students felt bored and tedious in class. Humor is tremendous important! An anonymous said “humor is the one of most qualities as an excellent teacher ...
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Share Yunnan journey part II--- Erhai lake
2015-9-2 01:25
Yunnan journey part II--- Erhai lake
The most beautiful thing in the world is that you have a good mood in the morning to start your new day. I opened the hotel’s door in the morning at dali. A dedicate picture in my eyes!!!! Erhai lake located in the suburb of dali, which is the second freshwater lake in beauteous yunnan province. It extends to north about 42.58 kilometers, the maximum width of west and east is 9.0 kilometers. Erhai is one of four romantic landscapes in Yunnan p ...
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Share Yunnan journey part I---- Night Marriage in Lugu lake
2015-8-28 01:02
Yunnan journey part I----   Night Marriage in Lugu lake
Night marriage is a kind of an exclusive and traditional custom among national minority in Yunnan province. Especially in lijiang Nakhi autonomous region which is the matriarchal clan society. Not all people including Chinese have no much knowledge of minority’s night marriage. How do they start their night marriage? I have been told by the local that if a man is supposed to try night marriage in lugu lake and he fall in love with a young lady at the first sigh ...
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Share Coins or paper money
2015-8-6 00:00
Coins or paper money This is an interesting phenomenon existed in different regions of China. At least within the territory of Jiangsu province , we are used to use one yuan coin in any supermarket or in bus coin devices. Its very rarely to see one yuan bill in Nanjing where I live. Especially one jiao and five jiao so that I have collected two one jiao papers and one five jiao paper for a long time. I would like to take my change of one yuan coins instead ...
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Share A brave climbing The Great Wall
2015-8-5 17:54
A brave climbing The Great Wall
President mao once said whoever doesn’t climb the great wall, he is not true brave person. It inspired many people come to Beijing to climb the great wall. The great wall is the representative symbol of China. It is the show of Beijing. If you don’t climb the great wall, your journey remains incomplete . however, the great wall is spread many parts of china. The great wall of china is called the “ten thousand li great wall” in Chinese. Recent research has shown that i ...
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  • why should you keep yourself being better? 2016-11-2 20:59

    elzach: Interesting blog. However, it doesn't address the cause, NOR the result. Because in China being single is not by choice, for the vast majority of thes ...
    actually sometimes i also want to finish my single life , because i hope there is somene be with me so that i wont feel lonley

  • Shanghai Disneyland Park 2016-10-30 11:25

    Better place for journey, and photograghs is nice very much.

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