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Did you bare your heart today?

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Did you bare your heart today?

Perhaps it’s the reason for common characters of Asian peopleor it’s the reason to barely follow the rhythm of our society;  or its given that too much pressure of life, all of which forced us  rarely to express  our  affections for those who we really care!

I have tried to express my affections for my friends and some of my students’ mothers helped me in some ways . 

To thank you are always there for me  in my life’ path.  Because of youI am always  grateful 

Each one will be able to encounter  special  people who helped you  in your way. Have you  spoken  out  of your  expressing gratitude to them?

I am not good at conveying  my emotions , however,  I  texted  couple  of  heart-warming messages to my friends.  Some of my students’ mothers  have replied me and  what they said  made me laugh and  it also reflected my affections  lacking though .

My messages:dear XXXtime going fast and unconsciously,   its almost two years in a twinkling of an eye since we have meet in my classroom.   I am willing to gratitude to you on my job supported. Thanks for your belief in me ; thanks for regarding me as a friend, a sister to take care!  Love you!

I pasted  their INFORMATIONS  here when they replied me .

what ? did you resign your job?”

what what happened to you todayanything going wrong?”

“ Did  my son make mistakes or make you in troubles ?”

I thought you gave me a lot of  positive energy.  You are comely but  an entreprenant  person. I really hope you are my own sister. Sometimes I admire your intelligence ,  generous  appropriate  behaviors and  easygoing  attitudes .  whatever you do , you have your own  ideas.  I want to thank that I knew you in my life.

I recognized  gradually  that we should not  repress our inner emotions or hide it in daily life.  Please don’t  be stingy with your  affections,  to  say “I love you to your families, friends and your lover. 

Love doesn’t  only mean unsophisticated  love between man and woman , and what’s more,  friendship  and  family affection. Only love is eternal theme .  you can try to express  it   right now  and guess what they will react ?

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-3-29 08:33
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
Reply Report leixiangping 2016-3-29 10:46
u r back!
Reply Report A_Blue_Sky 2016-3-29 20:22
leixiangping: u r back!
yes back again because someone said
Reply Report A_Blue_Sky 2016-3-29 20:23
voice_cd: Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.

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