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Share Slow rhythm of life in Yunnan-Dali
Misaki 2015-9-6 17:53
It seems that i am always very very stubborn and wilful. This time, i had asked for a week‘s leave and go to travel. The destination is DALI, actually, i have been planning to go there for a long time! When i am off the plane on the Chuangshui Airport, i couldnt believe that i am in Yunnan now, and just myself! Its amazing!!! The weather is very cool, and i like it. It made me feel comfortable, and i did not cough anymore here! Very magical,right? HAHA~ On my way to the tr ...
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Share Farraginous
Misaki 2015-6-12 22:42
It seems that i have disappeared a long time from Chinadaily Forum.╮(╯▽╰)╭ To be honest, i have no idea what i would write. Maybe i just want someone might still have a little impression about me. Who knows╮(╯▽╰)╭Or maybe i just want to trash talk. It seems long time no travel~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ Everyday what i would do is "go to work, go back home, sleep". It's really bored,right? Indeed, its pathetic. Just be full of negative energy this month. I think i maybe just w ...
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Share My single travel-Sichuan
Misaki 2014-11-29 22:11
It was the first time for me to travel to another province by myself. To be honest, I felt a little nervous, as I had read many news that there are many female college students have suffered injury. I was afraid that I would be a victim during this single trip. Many friends of mine had persuaded me to give up this trip, as it's too dangerous for me to travel so far away our hometown by myself. But they failed at last. As for me, it's the first time for me to check-in and so on ...
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Share thought
Misaki 2014-3-18 23:04
I start to understand that no anybody are happyeven you see their smile on face. Sometimes, a talkative person has agony even he or she can make you laugh. I start to know that life is a cruel machine, no matter how sad you feel it still forward day by day. I feel i am still chirdish, my mood will be affected by a little difficulty,i will feel awful when i encounter some setback. I should be stronger and brave, as the life is that. You will bestriked down if you are too weak. &nbs ...
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Share Happy Halloween
Misaki 2013-11-1 15:51
Wish you a spooktacular halloween. Have a groovy Halloween! Ihad spent an extraordinary Halloween with my classmates last night!All ofus were crazy!!!And you? We wandered in the campus(dress up as a ghost ) after our littledinnerparty. Many students looked at us strangely and that made me feel a bit embarrassed; but we had acrazy time. I am ZHENZI (PS:The second picture was in Changlong Amusement Parklast yea ...
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Share My travel to the Phoenix Ancient Town
Misaki 2013-10-22 01:02
It's the first time for me to take a train, so it made me feel excited. But after siting on it for a long time, i felt quite tired. And my bones seemed like to be falling apart. I don't know it is mesiable to take a train. After a long time ,we finally arrived at the Phoenix Acient Town!It's so excited!But after a two days' sightseeing, it made me a little disappointment.Maybe i had been to Hangzhou before (XiTang is more beautiful than Phoenix),so i would think that i liked the ...
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Share The thing defeat us
Misaki 2013-10-12 21:28
In our daily life, we can always hear the words"in those years,during that time,in those days." "In those years, i wished i can become an artist." "I hoped i can become an author during that time." "I hoped i can be an inventor in those days." And then , i am curious about that why can't you come ture your dream? What thing stop you? "I am too old to paint." "My brainisdull, so i can't write out something anymore." "The realit ...
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Share Random thoughts
Misaki 2013-9-14 22:54
School has been two weeks. Within the two weeks, i talked about the summer vacation and the future with classmates most of time. As for this summer vacation,the last summer vacation,many classmates or friendsstayed at home a lot, wanted to spend more time with their families,because they will have no such a long holiday to stay at home later.They will be busy with their work. While i choose travel ...
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Share It can be a killer.
Misaki 2013-9-11 14:25
My familly hope i can become a teacher after graduation. But i have no idea about it. Should I??? It can be a killer. When I was in college, and they hope I can do a teacher in the future, but I chose this major economy, because personally, I prefer foreign trade. Everytime to touch with the lectures such as the process of foreign trade, international settlement , i felt especially excited. Because they make me felt i am at univer ...
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