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Slow rhythm of life in Yunnan-Dali

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It seems that i am always very very stubborn and wilful. This time, i had asked for a week‘s leave and go to travel. The destination is DALI, actually, i have been planning to go there for a long time!

When i am off the plane on the Chuangshui Airport, i couldnt believe that i am in Yunnan now, and just myself! Its amazing!!! The weather is very cool, and i like it. It made me feel comfortable, and i did not cough anymore here! Very magical,right? HAHA~

On my way to the train station, i met a very nice young lady-Miss Wang, a high school student. Its destined! Then we very cherish this fate, we played together and waited for the train together. Thank you for your dinner! And chat with me in such a boring, long night.

Xizhou mainly is Bai Nationality local-style dwelling houses. Here has the famous Xizhou Baba snack. Of course, there has a natural, beautiful wetland park-Haishe park. The scenery is very fantastic.

The Shuanglang Ancient Town was soso, and there are too many building are being constructed. Too noisy and dirty. But actually, the sky was very blue, so as the sea. Therefore, the shuanglang was beautiful to some degree.

三.Dali Ancient Town
For me, nealy all of the ancient towns are the same. 

It was the wrong date to go to Haidi, as it was raining all the day. The sky was grey, so as the sea. That made me feel gloomy,and seemed that my insides are choking me.

During the 7days in Dali. I just want to relax myself. As i was cheated by my best friend, she distrusted me. This really made me feel upset. I dont want her to tell me eveything, as eveyone need  a private space. But if you dont want to say anything, just tell me that you dont want to say anything instead of lie to me. I hate the feeling that you gradually alienated me, but i even dont know why!  You just do that. You know, during that time, i was quite confused to your behavior, i asked myself again and again, but i still did not know why you would do that! Anyway, you hurt me.

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    ColinSpeakman: Behind the painted smile?  Be brave!
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    Behind the painted smile?  Be brave!

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