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My single travel-Sichuan

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It was the first time for me to travel to another province by myself. To be honest, I felt a little nervous, as I had read many news that there are many female college students have suffered injury. I was afraid that I would be a victim during this single trip. Many friends of mine had persuaded me to give up this trip, as it's too dangerous for me to travel so far away our hometown by myself. But they failed at last.


As for me, it's the first time for me to check-in and so on. All the things are new for me!!!

And the check-in procedure is very easy. I was successful to get in the plane at last. In the plane, I met a lady who is from Chengdu. She is a kind person, she help me to find the bus after the plane. And then she gave me her telephone NO. So I can contact her if I have any problem during my trip.


After half hour I arrive at gymnasium successfully. However, there is a problem for me; I did not know where the inn which I booked by Internet before exactly is. I call someone who is in charge of the inn if they could let someone to pick me up, but they just sent me the routine by messages. I still could not find their inn after hang out 1 hour. So I call them again, but nobody answer my phone. I called them again and again, finally, a man answers me, and he sent a phone number to me and asked me to contact her. OK, I do it. But the woman asked me to live in another inn near her location!!!!I was really anger that, so I refused that. Finally, the man who I called him at the first time sent a very clear routine to me, but I didn't want to live in their inn any more. So I contact Mr. Dan who is a director for travel agency asked him to help me find another hotel and he was really warm-hearted to help me. Therefore, I live in 7 days Inn.


I came to this city by myself, as for me, everything is strange and I am terrible with directions. So it was a tough experience. Thanks to that the god does not forget me.


After had a simple dinner, I went back to the hotel.


Because it would take 8 to 10 hours for us to the Nine-village Valley, I should get up very early and start my journey. At around 4 AM, I pick up my baggage and waited for the bus. Because is quite difficult to get in Nine-village Valley, I joined in a local group. And this group is very wonderful, as they were just responsible for taking us to the destination and let us play at there freely. And then took us to next attractions. In a word, time was enough.


On the travel bus, I met a girl who is from Hebei province. Because everyone is a person, we played together.

Huanglong Scenery


Our first day was going to see the snow mountain and Huanglong colored pool. During the trip, we had seen many beautiful landscapes. At first, there is a Minjiang river which is very unique. As in the middle of this river there are many kinds of stone, the water continuously washed with those large and small stones which are lying on the river. The water in this river is very green and looks very beautiful. Secondly, we passed the Wenchuan town which had suffered an earthquake before. Now the people had built many beautiful buildings.


And then we arrived at Chuanzhusi the place where we have our lunch. The lunch was very simple as they are just cabbage turnip cucumber, bean sprouts, as well as collectors run pheasant. And this chicken was made in the form of soup (a whole chicken in the pot to boil soup), but the soup, how to say that, err… the canteen owner seemed to forgot to put some salt into the soup.


After lunch we continue our trip. We enter into a place where high altitude is gradually.  And I heard that a lot of people will have a plateau response. I really worry that what should I do if I had a plateau response at the beginning. But it’s no problem completely.


Before enter into the Huanglong scenery, we would meet many snow mountain at first. It was too excited for me to have a chance to see the snow. I was born in southern Guangdong province, where the place almost no snow. Oh my lady gaga, it was too cold. My fingers were numb with cold, almost can't take the camera stably, however, it was worth to see such beautiful snow. Snow-capped mountains of Snow White flashing dazzling light, if long time staring at the snow, it's easy to get snow blindness. Because of too cold, I didn't touch the snow.


After seeing the snow mountain, we continued to go to Huanglong. And we gradually entered the high of more than 4000 meters above sea level. For now, I haven’t had any adverse reaction, but the girl who near me, she said she had a feeling of tightness in the heart. There are almost middle-aged and old people in the bus, and the two of us is supposed to be the youngest of whole vehicle.


Finally, we arrived at the Huanglong. We choose to sit cableway up, to walk down.


On the top of the Huanglong Mountain, we can see a lot of Snow Mountain. It’s great! It’s snowing as well, although was not very heavy. It’s said that it had a heavy snow in Huanglong before we go there, and many tourists could not arrived at Huanglong. So we are quite lucky this time.


Walk on the road covered with snow, I afraid of falling down as the road was too slippery to walk. However, the branches are filled with snow, sometimes the snow would fall down. Looking at the mountain which is full of snow, it could use words to describe my mood any more. It feels very wonderful. While we walking down the mountain we saw many dizzy and breathless tourists. I thought maybe because of altitude reaction. However, it was a wrong choice without the sunglasses. As the snow is too white, then ultraviolet rays were too strong. My eyes were very uncomfortable.

Nine-village Valley


It’s was said that we would not see the water any more if we come back from the Nine-village Valley. The water was very beautiful, very clear. You can see many organisams into the water whatever how deep they are. Nine-village Valley is a Y type distribution. When you are visiting, you would feel diverse season. You can have a chance to go through the four seasons in a day. Its winter on the left, and then it would gradually become fall. At the time you get to the right side, you would feel that it’s spring and summer seasons. It’s very magical, right?


It seems that water there is snow mountain water, so it’s quite cold. Therefore, we could not take a comfortable bath. What’s worse, the food was cold as well.

DE ji MeiDuo amorous feelings street


In a word, it’s a place where to sell special local products.

On my way back to Chengdu, I happened to catch up with the landslide in Maoxian. So I was trap on the way nearly 8 hours. It was really terrible. Thanks to the scenery on the road was very beautiful.




When I arrived at Chengdu, it was 3 o’clock AM. I lived in a department, and took a comfortable bath. As there is no equipment to dry my hair in Nine-village Valley, I did not wash my hair 4 days!!!  Therefore, when I got in Chengdu, I should wash my hair!!!!


Chengdu is a cozy place.

I went to Width alley, Sichuan University, Jinli and People Park the first day in Chengdu. As for me, I think all of the ancient towns are the same. It’s not exception here as well. But its feature is the opera face. The opera face is very wonderful and brilliant. I love that.


And in the People Park, I was shocking there, as there were huge crowds of people in the park. All of them had a show. Some were showing a square dance, some were singing an opera; the others were playing badminton, ect. People there seem to very enjoy their life. And they look forward to a cozy life.


When I finished my trip this day, I went to my inn. I encountered a young lady who was from Xi’an. So we travel together next day.



To be honest, I don’t know what I have seen in Dujiangyan landscape. I just know its principle of operation simply. It seemed that I just go there to see some Reinforced concrete.

Qingcheng Mountain


Qingcheng Mountain is very high and steep. It would take a day to climb up the top of mountain. In the mountain, we can hear the voice of zither from time to time. The sound bring out that the mountain is more quiet and secluded. Anyway, I like that voice of zither, it make me feel very cozy and comfortable.


What a pity, when we climb the top of one Side Mountain, it rained. So we didn’t continue our climbing. The road is too slippery to climb.

Jiezi ancient town


Actually, we came to this town because of its snacks. It’s said that there are many cheap and delicious snacks.


It’s time for go home.

I was a lucky dog. Because when I leave this city it rained. Hahaha.



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