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Share My travel to the Phoenix Ancient Town
2013-10-22 01:02
It's the first time for me to take a train, so it made me feel excited. But after siting on it for a long time, i felt quite tired. And my bones seemed like to be falling apart. I don't know it is mesiable to take a train. After a long time ,we finally arrived at the Phoenix Acient Town!It's so excited!But after a two days' sightseeing, it made me a little disappointment.Maybe i had been to Hangzhou before (XiTang is more beautiful than Phoenix),so i would think that i liked the ...
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Share The thing defeat us
2013-10-12 21:28
In our daily life, we can always hear the words"in those years,during that time,in those days." "In those years, i wished i can become an artist." "I hoped i can become an author during that time." "I hoped i can be an inventor in those days." And then , i am curious about that why can't you come ture your dream? What thing stop you? "I am too old to paint." "My brainisdull, so i can't write out something anymore." "The realit ...
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  • thought 2014-3-24 18:56

    ColinSpeakman: Behind the painted smile?  Be brave!
    hahaha, that makes me happy because someone can understand what i want to convey.

  • thought 2014-3-19 21:15

    Behind the painted smile?  Be brave!

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