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Misaki 2015-6-12 22:42
It seems that i have disappeared a long time from Chinadaily Forum.╮(╯▽╰)╭ To be honest, i have no idea what i would write. Maybe i just want someone might still have a little impression about me. Who knows╮(╯▽╰)╭Or maybe i just want to trash talk. It seems long time no travel~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ Everyday what i would do is "go to work, go back home, sleep". It's really bored,right? Indeed, its pathetic. Just be full of negative energy this month. I think i maybe just w ...
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Misaki 2014-3-18 23:04
I start to understand that no anybody are happyeven you see their smile on face. Sometimes, a talkative person has agony even he or she can make you laugh. I start to know that life is a cruel machine, no matter how sad you feel it still forward day by day. I feel i am still chirdish, my mood will be affected by a little difficulty,i will feel awful when i encounter some setback. I should be stronger and brave, as the life is that. You will bestriked down if you are too weak. &nbs ...
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Misaki 2013-9-14 22:54
School has been two weeks. Within the two weeks, i talked about the summer vacation and the future with classmates most of time. As for this summer vacation,the last summer vacation,many classmates or friendsstayed at home a lot, wanted to spend more time with their families,because they will have no such a long holiday to stay at home later.They will be busy with their work. While i choose travel ...
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