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Share Slow rhythm of life in Yunnan-Dali
Misaki 2015-9-6 17:53
It seems that i am always very very stubborn and wilful. This time, i had asked for a week‘s leave and go to travel. The destination is DALI, actually, i have been planning to go there for a long time! When i am off the plane on the Chuangshui Airport, i couldnt believe that i am in Yunnan now, and just myself! Its amazing!!! The weather is very cool, and i like it. It made me feel comfortable, and i did not cough anymore here! Very magical,right? HAHA~ On my way to the tr ...
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Share My single travel-Sichuan
Misaki 2014-11-29 22:11
It was the first time for me to travel to another province by myself. To be honest, I felt a little nervous, as I had read many news that there are many female college students have suffered injury. I was afraid that I would be a victim during this single trip. Many friends of mine had persuaded me to give up this trip, as it's too dangerous for me to travel so far away our hometown by myself. But they failed at last. As for me, it's the first time for me to check-in and so on ...
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