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Share Cashless Day in China
Akhil_Parashar 2017-8-1 10:43
Cashless Day in China
In China, mobile payment has become a part of people’s everyday lives. Watch my video China Life - A Cashless Day in China Click on this link : (Akhil Parashar, a Foreign Correspondent in China Radio International, Beijing) Screenshot of the Video
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Share Historic liquor helps Ancient town prosper
Akhil_Parashar 2016-9-25 14:45
Historic liquor helps Ancient town prosper
Traditional brewing process distills the essence of the country, Akhil Parashar reports. Moutai, known as the national liquor of China, is 53 percent alcohol by volume. But the drink is far from rough - it is renowned for its rich, mellow taste and "sauce-scented" bouquet. Normally, it is enjoyed during family celebrations, business negotiations and holidays. It is also offered when foreign guests are present. Du Kang, the god of liquor who was said to teach people how ...
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Share 茅台,代表了中国的精神和历史
Akhil_Parashar 2016-9-25 14:37
在我眼中,在中国被誉为国酒的 53 度茅台是很特别的,这款酒酒体醇厚丰满、酒气芬芳宜人,让人喝了还会无限回味。 在中国,家庭聚会和各种商务谈判场合总是会有茅台酒的身影,还有许多人会选择用茅台酒来招待外国友人。对于白酒爱好者来说,茅台酒更是有着非同一般的吸引力。 据史记和传说记载,酒神杜康是中国的“酿酒始祖”,在贵州省仁怀市茅台镇,人们对杜康更是推崇备至。 千百年来,关于杜康的传说一直广为流传。相传在黄帝时期,有一个叫杜康的人,专门负责管理粮食,为了存储食物,杜康将吃不完的粮食存储在干燥的树干里。过 ...
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Share Hangzhou : The Most Elegant City
Akhil_Parashar 2016-9-25 09:45
Hangzhou : The Most Elegant City
Writer : AKHIL PARASHAR Hangzhou, with its picturesque scenery, can be called the Paradise on Earth. With its numerous mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, Hangzhou is a beautiful landscape city that possesses a unique oriental flavor. When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century, he declared it “the most beautiful and elegant city in the world.” There is a popular Chinese saying “Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou.” Hangzhou is a ...
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Share Pingyao : The city breathe with antiquity
Akhil_Parashar 2015-6-9 11:02
Pingyao : The city breathe with antiquity
Writer: AKHIL PARASHAR The ancient city of Pingyao, as I have been twice there, greatly reminds me of outstanding example of Han cities in the Ming and Qing dynasties (from the 14th to 20th century).It was highly developing and was in a period of great prosperity in late Qing dynasty, with up to 22 exchange shops and became the financial center of the time. The business shops and traditional dwellings in the city are historical witnesses to the economic prosperity o ...
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Share Wangmang Mountains : The Bridge between Divinity and Reality
Akhil_Parashar 2015-6-9 10:57
Wangmang Mountains :  The Bridge between Divinity and Reality
Writer : Akhil Parashar I couldn’t forget the moments that I’ve spent in Wangmang Mountain. I would say it was like a dreamland, an extraordinary place to view mountains and forests of pine covered with clouds. I believe that mountaineering is a culture which is deeply seeped in ethics and ideals. It symbolizes how closely man and nature are intertwined together. It was incredible to visit Wangmangling scenic area, which is located in Lingchuan County of Shanxi province. In fact, ...
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