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I am back 2013-12-08
I leave here for a long time. So many things unhappy happened, I really very sad recently. Something is not as beautiful as I thought. I don't know wh ...
(5632) readings|(16) comments
Where is my blog which I wrote several days ago? 2013-10-14
I wrote something several days ago,but I can't find it, what happened ? No draft left...
(3252) readings|(0) comments
It is the parents' responsibility to take care of children 2013-09-23
nowadays there are more and more parents confide their children to the care of the old man. The young have to work outside to earn money to support t ...
(7553) readings|(20) comments
Better later than never-from a woman aged 27 2013-08-25
I thought my English is not as good as my classmates which resulted me lose confidence of English learning though my major is English in university. ...
(5804) readings|(21) comments

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miningmachinery 2014-8-14 09:51:19
Yes-summer: Is the below message an advertisement?
no  I didn'tmake advertisement in here.
snowipine 2013-12-9 03:44:35
Your newest blog has not yet approved by the editors  for the time being, but I have read the front sentences with happiness.

Wish you have a good mood all the way. yes-summer!

Summer, yes, means, always sunshine,hope and young
crdw123 2013-10-9 22:35:38
I would like to contact with you, make friends very much
zakoi 2013-9-12 16:08:42
Today I just got one message from one friend of mine. His name is Kannan and he is seeking my help to write his name in Chinese. Interestingly, he is thinking either I am Chinese or I am good in Chinese.  In fact I am not either. But I dare to suggest him in my ways. Here I am sending what I wrote for him. I am seeking your suggestion regarding my Answer. “Honestly, I am not Chinese but I can communicate in mandarin and in Cantonese {a little bit} as I am in china for last ... ...
snowipine 2013-8-28 09:42:58
yes-summer: Congratulation for your blog" Later better than never" became headline for the forum!
RonJaDa 2013-8-26 20:45:34
Yes-summer : You are retired, so you are just traveling in china? Did any other cities have you been to except Xiamen and Beijing? 你已经退休了,只是来中国旅游吗? ... Yes I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Longyan   I would like to go to Harbin. Chengdu, Chongqing,Qingdao. Kumiming and Xi'an.  The places I visited are in order the ones I would like to go to are not in any particular order. ...
RonJaDa 2013-8-24 18:29:23
Yes-summer: 你好!中国人民欢迎你!
谢谢你!很高兴认识你!Thankyou! Nice to meet you.
Yes-summer 2013-8-24 16:33:19
Doesn't  iPad  support photo upload?
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