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Share real estate start to be priced recent days.
tonysong2000 2014-4-27 22:35
we have to notice real estate market is not booming like the past. many media revealed the facts which some big cities began to decline the price of the housing, especial high-end apartment and luxury villas. some insiders exposed the bubble of the property was already burst out. from my understandings, if we read this news, it is a part behind this. anyway I should trust the official news but behind this who know real inside story. to the ordinary people, if ...
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Share How do we appreciate the pranks in some sitcoms?
tonysong2000 2014-4-27 14:09
most young people start to chase some topic which is style such as some prank sentences in the sitcom.they also want to show humors in reality. it is truth that most funny words bring us very happy. of course there are many funny words or sentences so called " sick humor " which not only get us funny but also reflect some social issues. and even they just reveal darkness side from life. we often looked at some comics innewspapers or in magazines. mos ...
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Share what is real friendship? there are only an answer!
tonysong2000 2014-4-27 01:31
In reality, we will communicate each other and build up the relationship. then we call someones my close friends.and we like to regards those close ones as real friend. but who can tell me what is real friendship? here is a common answer. itis that some one will visit and ask you what to want eating or what to want drinking and even ask whether to need helps, when youare under way to die. there is not forever friend a ...
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Share how will you solve it when you need to urinate in busy shopping street?
tonysong2000 2014-4-25 23:33
Now, the city is more beauty and more cleaning than the past.we have advocated toprotect such perfect living environment. but we should appreciate thesanitationman who have made effort to sweep street or community's playgroundevery day early morning. they are great to sacrifice precious sleeping time to provide us cleaning environment. I do believe you have the similar emergency situation which yo ...
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Share fat and thin, tall and short
tonysong2000 2014-4-25 21:38
fat is male's friend but slim is femal's favorite. man sometime want become thin but woman always fancy to be slim. lazy femal arealways fat but industrious man never are thin. people all appreciate thin and slim. slim and thin is the represent of beauty. fat will prevent to become tall. femal love tall manbut tall man seek for short girlfriend. average femal are short but many of man are short. tall is from the comparision with short. anyway there are no tallest, no ...
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Share we can not rescue others but we can develop ourselves.
tonysong2000 2014-4-25 21:18
We have to admit the exsitence of the age gap. and we also recognize the existence of the different thoughts between the youth and the old. with time, there are too many change. there is no any wrong but there exist divergence each other. it is truth. when we deeply fall intoan arguement, eventually none win. most consequence is that we all will lose in such kind situation because mostly times there is no result. it has to be due to difference thinking. ...
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Share do you should slow the rhythm when you confront tricky problem?
tonysong2000 2014-4-25 20:49
when we meet tricky issues, the first impulse is that we want to issuea reaction of the protecting ourselves. but it not best way to dealwith such problem because we readilyperform bad temper or otherindecent personalities.that will deteriorate whole situation and even all thing go to extreme without any redeem. if you can hide all complain or blame deeply in heart but your answer also lose dignity. Remember most of people will be sympathetic ...
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Share we all face die, how do you comment about chinese funeral ?
tonysong2000 2014-4-23 23:28
this is traditional culture which chinese hold a huge or even luxury funeral after their direct relatives were gone.and we also would like to make fake material such as villa, Iphone, Bank card and famous car to burn out in the front of the dead or in the front of tomb. we hope the dead will use these stuffs in the another world as they never use in real world. I am not sure that there exist another world but I have to follow up the traditional custom. who dares to betray, answer i ...
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Share different taste of between apple and orange.
tonysong2000 2014-4-23 22:35
apple tastes sweet but orange tastes sour. it is huge gap between sour and sweet. life is combined of sour and sweet. apple is popular global but orange is famous in meal. orange represent yellow but apple can replace cyan. Kids like apple but adult more prefer orange. femal readily eat apples but male taste orange juice. apple is the rep ...
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Share standpoint will vary with the position during a career
tonysong2000 2014-4-23 19:55
It is big gap between technology domainand management willmaintain therelationshipof colleagues , it is more focuson human perspective and teamconstruction is the most important. one good organization will lead team member to succeed in all affairs. but technology is a science. those are charge of the technology are a standard " machine". you can imagine machine work well if we install ...
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