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Share the lock of my door was repaired in this afternoon.
tonysong2000 2014-5-11 19:07
the lock of my door was repaired in this afternoon.
this was my one of the disturb whichsent muchnoise frequently. in my habit, the door should be opened in spring or in summer and slight wind came into my bed room.that let me comfortable. but recently the lock was broken, although the door was closed it still made some noise when wind flew through. especially it is heavy windy, it disturb me not to read book quietly. this afternoon I decide to buy new lock and install it immediately. I went into a lock shop ...
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Share Loveable wild panda
tonysong2000 2014-5-10 09:49
Nowaday we can find wild panda in forest or farm surrouding. they still are pretty like a big cat. peasant often these loveble animal. in generally those had noticeda wild panda will tell the local authority. then related expert will go to the site to study. if they jugde that these panda need special treatment, then those animal will be broght into local researching place. I do believe after these animal may be specially treated they return ...
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Share any difficulty will go away with time flying.
tonysong2000 2014-5-9 19:28
I do believe in reality we often are in embarassed situation. most people willget anger at that time and even there are some fight and fight back. It is very serious problem. you can imagine it is hard to recover the relationship in future. although appearance get along well with each other, but in heart from each side, they hide hate.and it will burst out again in future. life is not so eay, we should be strict with oursel ...
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Share there are too many stories behind peace in every office environment.
tonysong2000 2014-5-7 23:26
there are too many stories behind peace in every office environment.
It is easy that you want to become a not popular man but it is very hard to keep high reputation. maybe one casual words change your fate in this office room. even that lead me you to quit. I do not exaggerate it but it is real truth. maybe you are young you will not care, but if you are experienced and mature man it is not forgivable to make such kind of mistakes. most people keep patient to take a long time to realize his/her reputation. and they always try to ...
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Share laziness control me after a short vocation in the first work day.
tonysong2000 2014-5-4 23:18
laziness control me after a short vocation in the first work day.
Most people should be feel that we are not interested in anything in the first work day after a long or short vocation. we always illusion what happened during this holiday. we have to talk some exerience and episode with colleagues. we still are obsessed the past occurring. only such kind things inspire us excited. do you have this feeling? anyway it is genuine matters . then we will postpone related schedule or plan on works. it  ...
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Share it is really loyal puppy. it is so lovely.
tonysong2000 2014-4-30 23:30
I was used to take physical exercise at around 21:00 every day. it was as usual tonight. I rushed down the apartment. in my initial plan, Iintendedto take a longer timetonight because tomorrowIwill befree. I noticed the weather was well and a moon was clearly in sky. Ijoggedto the destination where was located in the middle of this community. in a few paces, I saw a white puppy under a car. I stopped and went forward to him. I squatted m ...
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Share labor day is approaching and what is your schedule?
tonysong2000 2014-4-30 19:32
labor day is around the corner. this is a festival all of the world. why and who have designated the day as workman festival? anyway it should be proletariat. capitalist also enjoy this holiday.what is you specific planning during this holiday. recent years Chinese citizen would like sufficiently use this holiday to visit relatives or travel other places. in some public places it is very crowded and even there occurred accident without any prediction. p ...
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Share what is a prerequisite for marriage.
tonysong2000 2014-4-29 22:37
marriage is freedom and equal which already was defined in marriage law. mature marriage should be established in material and economy base. we can not make a living in virtual emotion. and this just provide us comfort and well feeling but they are not regarded as food and clothes. although we also need emotions and spirits, but the prerequisite for marriage is a guarantee of the is neccessary and priority. but nowadays, this is very serious prob ...
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Share why are my muscle pain after strenuous exercise? it occurred recent days.
tonysong2000 2014-4-28 21:24
I love sport and a couple months ago, I embarkedto take physical exercise outdoor in evening. I was already awareness of the benefitfrom often physical exercise. apparently I feel energetic in daily work than before.therefore I made a huge decision to insist on it. but three days ago. I hurt my one of legs because of violent movements. but I still insisted on physical exercisein spite of a little pains. with three days passed, I still feel pain in ...
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Share willpower is a very significant part of the success.
tonysong2000 2014-4-27 23:36
in other words, willpower is also a sort of insistence. if we can insist on one certian target until we reach it. who and what can stop us if in our heart there exist huge enthusiasm and willpower. but there is no smooth road to get in success. I want to show off a concrete example. last fall, I recognized my body was weakening,evenI was bored anything. it seemed that I was very and very elderly, that scared me and ev ...
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