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Share what is exciting point in your life?
tonysong2000 2014-5-25 22:34
what is exciting point in your life?
we are all ordinary people. but we all do not want to fall into boring life. what is the most exciting point in your life. would you mind sharing them to us? if you keep a straigt blank life pace, it will be real boring. but noeadays how will we explore remarkable life passion? money or spirits is already beyond of it. share your real exciting ...
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Share shopping online is more and more popular.
tonysong2000 2014-5-23 22:33
shopping online is more and more popular.
as we known, shopping online is coming up popular nowadays. especially to young people, they are eyeing at all kinds of goods in front of computer from start of workto end. sometime even they do not buy anything, but they are still watching various clothes or other goods which they hesitatewhether decision. maybe they are enjoying the process rather than the result. they can kill time within boring. to be honest, a few years ago ...
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Share exactly we should clean out all complains or grievance
tonysong2000 2014-5-23 01:45
This is no sense to blame a indifferent working environment. we should imagine who will pay attention to your complaints. actually you feel more disappointed on hopethat you want to reach. on the contrary, it gets up to oppositive consequence because most people around you will laugh at so stupid reactions. they more hope you fight back strongly with others, in that situation, they will look ata joke what you perform. as we known, most bystand ...
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Share work hard daytime and deep think over quietly in night.
tonysong2000 2014-5-20 20:56
if we pay all energy to job or career, we will become thoroughly failure. there are no any friends, no any relatives and no any funny. you can not control work rather than you fall in annoy work environment. this is very pity. my perspective, life is firt important thing and the second is work. what is your purpose when you are working? actuallywe have earned money to support our life. it may be say we should live more better due to our more effort in work. we ...
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Share there are some disturbing people who want to hinder your progress.
tonysong2000 2014-5-20 20:36
there are some disturbing people who want to hinder your progress.
anywhere we worked in there should be some ones who want to set up many obstacles to hinder your progress. how will you handle this situation when you infinitely hate them, maybe you have to get anger therefore you fought back with them. but there is not reasonable consequence. if you kept huge tolerance to face but it was likely possible to solve it. anyway we should toughly blame their faults. I occupied reasonble excuses and choosed idea ...
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Share there are five very meaningful saying, think deeply about them.
tonysong2000 2014-5-19 22:46
1. I never scare some one stabs me in behind, but I do not look back. because I may see those who stabs me, it is just one who used to be my close person. 2. if you feel sadness then you shoul look up sky. it is so vast. this willrelease your all grievance. 3.I dare to tell all secrets to close friend. but I am feared to look back because he has told these to others in joke way. 4. those helped you should be rememberred, those loved you are not hated, those ...
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Share it is to be stopped rather than indulge too much.
tonysong2000 2014-5-16 01:30
when we are addicted with something we should recognize to stop. if we are obsessed on it we will lost life direction. especially if it is bad habit. of course if it is good ambition, we should be insist on it until we realize the target. but you can imagine if it is not very acceptablehobby but we still persist with it,the consequence will be amazing, even it is negative impact to life and job. we live in a organized society. we can not make a liv ...
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Share there is no way to withdraw when you trigger the engine of the struggle.
tonysong2000 2014-5-14 21:24
there is no way to withdraw when you trigger the engine of the struggle.
when we are young we will never care success or failure, but when after I step into the middle aged we have to target at the success. we have to fear failure for we have no chance to corret it again. failure implies to lose everything. this is very key period of the individual life. a few people will succeed in their business but most ones make living inordinary life. we all are hunger for the achievement but less people canreach their dream. either ...
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Share Did you like what kind of boss? he/she focus on details or not?
tonysong2000 2014-5-12 21:35
Did you like what kind of boss? he/she focus on details or not?
Recently I noticed my boss sometime was not reasonable to require us what to do? as we known, maybe he metioned a item in some situation accidently. at that time we should be that it was not serious probem. but suddently he asked your action and result. I did not believe that we are not paying attention to the details rather than some issues can not be solvedin our level. they are needed from support of middle management team. it was curious that even he also don't know ho ...
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Share what will we can savvy through this story? tell us your understanding.
tonysong2000 2014-5-11 21:36
what will we can savvy through this story? tell us your understanding.
I have read this storytwice to understand real sense. who and what cause the result? our society have changed too much. it seemed that we should get rid of old life style and tranditional custom. below is the contents of the story and you can understand real truth. in a small village, two boys were born in different farm boy' namewas Xiao Ming and another boy's namewas Xiao Hua. theywere the same aged and stud ...
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