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Share your effort is not ignored but worthless.
2017-12-11 20:16
as you are a manage members, your responsibility is organization, plan and arrangement. you likely prefer to do by yourself but you can't finish all tasks, you should plan good time and materials. you should arrange team members to do along with your scheme. you are organize team to finish according to your initial plan. if you want to do everything by yourself, it is no possible. too many things will be completed. you are just one person, you just have one b ...
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Share which is more importent between action and plan?
2017-12-11 20:08
Before you select one from these two, you firstly know your function of your position. you should arrange and plan if you are manager, but you should do and act if you are an engineer. you both service for a company but tile of yours are different and the function of yours are different. good manager is a perfect planer, she/he probably can't act, but plan anything step by step. good engineer should a good player.
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Share health
2017-12-10 23:04
yesterday I read an article about the top 10 commodities from Tianmao in 2016. my most impression is fitness clothing. from teens to elders, more and more people are ware the importance of the health. then this fitness clothing became the popular commodities.and there are some photos which show a girl taking a yoga on the top of cliff.and another picture showed a woman was practicing Chinese gongfu. this ...
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Share after busy
2017-12-7 19:28
you are certain to pay all energy and spirit for this goal which you purse. then, you are quite busy with it, you want to achieve it and you look for all kinds of resource to realize it. day and night you put your brain, eyes and attention for it. this is most phenomena. most people want to reach this target as soon as possible. but it is not easy to realize their dream and it must take some time. but how long you can keep your high passion? ...
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Share sadness.
2017-11-30 21:27
I had read this article which describe one young woman with cancer, finally she had died. although she was optimistic and she fought against her illness. she still died. people was like glass, and life was the most important. she donate her corneas in her last wish. and she donate all donation from society to those in need. she was nice and she is beauty. but these can not remove her disease. she wrote a diary what she recorded how to fight against this cancer. cherish what you possessio ...
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Share English language is also beauty.
2017-11-27 21:38
every language has its own character. when we know well it we will find more beauty feature about it. absolutely it is boring when studying, but once you master it, you will feel it is quite beauty. do you have this experience ? if yes, it indicts you already love it and know it more.
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Share How long can you service for foreign company?
2017-11-27 20:52
like the headline, how long can you work for a foreign company in China. it will last 5 years, 10 years and even more. who can work a foreign company in chinatheir lifetime? last to their retire.
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Share Exceessive help
2017-11-21 22:08
We all have some experiences which we help others or others help us. sometime it is very touched us. And we reward them in many ways. but when you receive someone's excessive help, you feel this is a burden. recently I have attend a team building training seminar. after we had listened the speech of professional trainer, we weredivided intothree groups for practical activities. of course ...
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Share Take a walk
2017-11-21 21:24
As our known, this is benefit to the health that we take a walk after a meal. my wife is alsothe one of these people who must take a walk after dinner. I really agreed her to do that. but recently Iwas confused whyshe always required me together to do so.Iwasused to read book or towatch TV afterdinner.and Ikeptthis habit a lone time.after in her repeated persuading I accomp ...
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Share 2017-11-20
2017-11-20 21:48
Today I must tell the experience about the my Tmall online shopping on Nov.11. As you know, the Nov.11 is single day and also is a day Tmall store will discount their goods. I am entrappedin many attractive clothes, foods and other some daily necessaries when I looked at the Tmall website. I had booked 5 orders at that evening: a piece of shirt, an jacket, a piece of shoes, two bags of team and a bottle of shampoo. two and ...
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  • which is more importent between action and plan? 2017-12-12 21:16

    Planners should come from the players in the given playing fields.

    A good playmaker does not meant s/he is a good performer in the designed tasks, the question here is how to make a team working for a common goal: creating meaningful memories for the retired life.

  • The experience of a rental house. 2017-11-22 11:15

    My boyfriend and I have rented a apartment which is  10-square-meter,I even cook in that small house,this year,we changed a bigger house with two bedrooms ,a kitchen,and a bathroom in an old housing estate,then,we kept a Labrador,and he was so naughty that he used to mess our house,therefore,we change our house again,This time ,we rented a house with a small courtyard so that the doggy could play outside the house,but we still don't know when we can afford a real house that belong to ourself,hahah

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