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Share do you like pumpkin pie?
tonysong2000 2017-10-30 21:19
in your region, will pumpkin be planted in farm and pick up in autumn? if yes, how many dishes of a pumpkin can you cook or taste? I am very appreciated if you can share delicious pumpkin dishes in here. I want to learn pumpkin cooking. it is very delicious to braise beef with a pumpkin or pumpkin sauce.
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Share how will you deal with your workmate?
tonysong2000 2017-10-30 20:47
I am working for an American-based company which opens in china. definitely there are almost Chinese person work in office room. but my hard work and modest attitude will not be appreciated, on the other way they laugh at me and never willing to help me, even set some blocks to stop my progress. how do you get along with your workmate? can you give any suggestion? thanks in advance! &n ...
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Share do you meet this situaiton?
tonysong2000 2017-10-30 20:28
Your boss tell you aplan what youwill work hard to follow, but this scheduleis changed when your still not finishing. then you start to struggle for the new plan, a while later, the new oneis changed again. will you pay full attention the another new plan this time? the next time, what do you do when receiving a new task from your boss.
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Share how do you handle if two boys fought as parents?
tonysong2000 2016-9-20 20:46
when children have fought each other , as parents , how to handle that? you will hit back or you willquarrel with his parents. I think that the best wayis they deal with it through themselves. parents never interrupt it.
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Share Did you buy the Iphone-7 smartphone?
tonysong2000 2016-9-20 00:16
the newest Iphone 7 products launched in chinese market again. did yo want to preorder one? is it still in-demand smartphone in chinese market?
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Share The weekend
tonysong2000 2016-8-14 21:40
usually I spent every weekend with family memebers. My son who is 14 years old is very anxious the time. he always expect that time is like fly and the weekend is coming immediattely. he know I can play and talk woith hiim at this time. but this weekend it seemed that he was quiite well diappointed since I didn't bring him to eat good foods. normally I always bring him to different restraunt to taste delisious snacks.
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Share Lose my way
tonysong2000 2016-8-11 19:35
Today I pick my colleague up to his home, on the way we talked about job and future. after he got off I took my way to home.after I turned three acrossroads, I suddenly found to lose my way, I carefully looked at shops both side of road, but I recognized this was strange street. I immediately turn on anavigation in iphone' app.on a crossroad I listened voice forcast, I found that it seemed wrong, but it was too late I had to go along it becaus ...
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Share parking and no parking
tonysong2000 2016-8-10 20:31
I moved to Shanghai two weeks ago since I determined to enter an amercianfactory located in shangahi. I drive car to come and set down in a apartment with rent expense RMB 1750 per month. it is real big city and street is tidy and no car park both side of the street since there are some monitor camera here and there. if you park a car into no parking area and take photo by monitor, you have to pay fine bill. i carefully hunt for one parking place. as yo ...
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Share new job
tonysong2000 2016-8-10 20:12
I do believe that you change company when you feel bored long time one job, except for boring there may be all kinds of reason such as salary, office person relationship and working environment etc. recently I enter one Amercian company located in Shanghai city. one week later, I feel failure, I found it is a liitle hard to live in this big there I will pay more life cost: rent house, buy fo ...
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Share everything is ordinary when you are in the same position.
tonysong2000 2014-6-9 22:49
everything is ordinary when you are in the same position.
We have to admit we all admire the higher title which we are pursuing in our career. even sometime we respect the senior manager who actually also is ordinary people. we should respect them as they are in higher position and they should possess more working management knowledge. in terms of these consideration, we will feel a bit pressure when we talked with them. at that moment, we seems that we should present best aspect to p ...
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