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Share Born Vagrant
tonysong2000 2017-11-19 09:49
In every person's mind, they arethirsty for freedom. they hope what they want to do without restriction. this is born characteristic feature. But we live in with society group. then we will interact each other. during this process, we will change our mindsets or behaviors under others' effect. except that you make a living like a vagrant. you are far away from a society group. you pick up foods in rubbish bottle. you sleep in the pl ...
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Share Gratitude And Thanksgiving
tonysong2000 2017-11-18 22:19
in your long lifetime, you may meet a lots of people, some of them will live with you half or more half lifetime. for example, your parents , your relative, you son, your daughter and your spouse. they are all important person in your life. absolutely sometime your working partner also become your significant person. under those person's influence, your life may be colorful experience. who is the most significant one. I am convinced that your spouse is the mo ...
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Share 5 minutes in a shopping store
tonysong2000 2017-11-18 21:50
I get a little hungry after reading a while. then I go downstairs for buying some cookies or other thing which is eaten. I put on my jacket and shoes, close the door of dormitory and hurry to downstairs. after entering into the gate of this middle-sizesupermarket located in downstairs of my dorm, I walk to the foods area for finding those biscuits what I am favorite. I stop in the front of those cookies on the shelf. I l ...
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Share a busy and enriching day
tonysong2000 2017-11-17 19:25
Did you listen " A piece of egg" story? I repeat it to you. A student always had a lunch with his best classmate. he disliked to eat a egg, then he gave his egg to this classmate every time. suddenly one day, he gave his egg to another classmate. his best classmate got in anger and never talked with him from that time. The story tells us: Rejecting is necessary when necessary. Tolerance should be in range. your too nice lead ...
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Share The experience of a rental house.
tonysong2000 2017-11-16 22:32
Did you ever rent a room or ahouse? in big city this is necessary for a migrated worker. high house priceforces young people have to rent a temporary room in placewhere they work. furthermore, thepayment of rental room will dominatealmosthalf cost of all their expense one month. but for living, they must pay this much costto a room they take a rest and sleep, unless they leave from this city. if renting an a ...
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Share A succeed day!
tonysong2000 2017-11-16 20:36
today, it is a succeed day to me. but it is raining whole day. weather is a little cold since it is a fall right now. tomorrow this is excited day what it is Friday. two-days weekend is upcoming. I can recover my energy for work in next week. absolutely, I can take time to think over the future since I will be relocated another place to work. to me, this is opportunity and also is new challenge. good luck in the future for every body!
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Share what is the most difficulty in the world?
tonysong2000 2017-11-15 22:39
when you looked at this headline you may said study is the most difficulty, you may also answer making money is the most difficulty. there should be variety of reply. you should ever know the biggest enemy is yourself in this world. then you know well your self is the most difficulty. when you know yourself you will conquer the whole word, trust me and it is true. but nobody can real understand itself.
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Share what change your lifestyle?
tonysong2000 2017-11-14 22:52
Do you rememberthe lifein the beginning of university? what was impressed you at that moment? excited or disappointed? confident or frustration? especially if you were from a remote and deserted village. this was first time to enter into the big city to you. anything is fresh and strange. your costumewasoutdateand yourbehavior was indecent. gradually you felt inferiority complex. I supposed 50% percentage ofour that generation  ...
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Share Study to transfer pressure to other
tonysong2000 2017-11-13 20:55
Do you have some work skill to transfer task pressure to others ? don't misunderstand here, I never want to tell how to threw away your assignment to other. in one organization, everyone should be responsibility for certain action. as you can't do all anything , then you should finish what you are responsibility for. it means that you can not replace other to complete all task, you should hand over some tasks wha ...
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Share Feel tired today
tonysong2000 2017-11-13 01:22
do you feel tired when you do is very a boring day but I feel very tired. I killed a time, sometimes Isawthe Tmall website through the smartphone for checking the delivery status, sometimes I watched the TV series. nothing to do, but I am tired. I am afraid that is a sick. do I need to have a doctor?
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