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Share I am grateful for some platforms where benefit me much on learning English langu
tonysong2000 2014-4-20 19:52
Internet slowlywnet into ordinary family. as we known this is a knowlegdeblast times. anything is not narrow than before. messages is transported quickly from one place to another place. everyday we would know latest new what happened anywhere across the world. we can not say our brain become more and more bigger but we have to save huge information in it. weare wiser and wiser because wefast react certaindifficulties according to& ...
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Share let me describe the feeling of today
tonysong2000 2014-4-20 12:51
feeling or mood is various along with time. I noticed a morning is best time to be excellent mood.maybe after one night refreshing and no touching anything, my thoughts is very simple. and this no any reaction. I kept relatively calm down. but when the afternoon was coming. we put some tasks n daily schedule. therefore I have to pay a little energy to deal with them. if I met some critical issues I will pay close attention for it and at that time I must think about it and must sp ...
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Share who is very stupid to repeat one same wrong?
tonysong2000 2014-4-19 21:34
as you imagine if one guy do one certain fault one time. but he or she conduct this wrong in the second time. what is your comments for this case. it is obvious that those isso fool or we saidthatwas not so understandable and even we would not accept. we had to condemned those guys who are not educated by some lessons learned. they are deliberate to commit. to the normal person, we should avoid to redo the same wrong. we co ...
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Share healthy ambition and optimistic attitude to face the future
tonysong2000 2014-4-15 22:39
we never shouldthink ourselves lowerthan others in aspect of the individual capability. the most important is that we believe ourselves stronger than others in any aspect. if we carry out these perspective indaily life you will succeed in anything what you want. but you can not boast. faith and boast are absolute different concept. faith is flag which you pursue the goal but boast is that you establishillusion. if you are willing to ...
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Share when you do not ensure something not to make decision or promise.
tonysong2000 2014-4-15 22:18
I recognized my one habit which I am always optimistic to report thepositive progress of the project to my supervisor. but in fact most of the reply is depend on my guess or my optimistic spirit. as you known, sometime we do not complete in theanticipation for all kinds of reason. but as I promised before, it will lead me to be embarrassed if I still do not achive the promise. definitely I hope I can finish under the expectation. sometime it will ca ...
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Share will the environment of the surrounding change you or you intend to change it?
tonysong2000 2014-4-14 21:56
will the environment of the surrounding change you or you intend to change it?
During your daily working process, there are many interludes which will disrupt your plan and even halt your dreams. if it is true, I suggest that you should take a break to check it. and you deeply think about it to find out the root cause.perhaps fualts is mode by yourself or mistakes is from opposite partners. we should understand where is the wrong from. and then we decide how to deal with it next time or how tosolve itthis time. please re ...
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Share huge change of the weather cause us not to know to wear how clothes.
tonysong2000 2014-4-13 17:48
In spring season, as you known, weather changes huge from time to time. sometime, daytime temperature is different with evening's. in noon it is hot like a summer and it is cold like a winter in evening time. these lead us to confuse how to wear clothes. in the street you can notice various costume wore by the all kinds of people. someones dressed winter' clothes but some ones wore summer's ones. maybe nowadays we are confused on the climate because it often took place extrem ...
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Share How will I change my role from technology to management.
tonysong2000 2014-4-11 20:46
as before I took charge of the technology and I constantly thought issues by the technology perspective. but such behavior hinders me to grow up in the management system. this is an example. when a manager raise a question on the table, in my firstly impulse, I propose an idea which will solve the problem. but as a real manager she/he should keep it in mind and listen others' suggestion, then she/he refine all ideas or proposals to choose the best one. the impo ...
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Share Today I received extra salary, this is beyond my expectation.
tonysong2000 2014-4-10 23:15
To be honest, how will I deal with the wrong salary? I deserve it or I return it. this situation causes me in dilemma. following is my description about this case. Iappreciate your reaction to this practice. 20 daysago I quited my job and meanwhile I entered into new company. this is very coincidence two company dispatched the salaries in the same day: the10th oftheeverymonth. as you known, the previous com ...
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Share As an employee, which day is it the most happy day in every month?
tonysong2000 2014-4-8 21:22
We have worked hard in one company year in year out, actualy we have tried our best to make more profit for the boss of the enterprise. The company had paid a certain amount of the salary to each employees. thiswas also a type of exchange in the between lobar and money. if we lost jod and income we will worry about how to support family memebers. to be honest, job is an ensurance on individual life. then we have to work for personal livelihood. not matter how are you ...
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