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Share who can haul me out of the worry and defend my rights? please help me!
2014-1-17 23:20
To be honest, there was an employment contract in my hand another company offerred. I fell into trouble and worries instead of excitement. Please, please and please help me. I have to open this secret and hope you may recommend reasonable advices to solve it exactly.any suggestions is huge hope to me, thank you in advance!!! The exact problem is associated with annual bonuses. the company provides salaries to employees 10th per month and annual bonuses would be dis ...
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Share what is lean production?
2013-12-13 14:07
More and more varieties of industries set to focus on lean production management method. This concept is greater popularity in Japanese industries or in some fields in western countries. Lean production was from Japan and it has been introduced into many nations around world. I had assumed Japanese were awareness of lack of resources, therefore they try their best to reduce materials or to control cost to remain far more profits to an owner of the enterprises. It is true that Japan has missio ...
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Share Interns Vs experienced engineers
2013-10-28 13:48
It is popular that more and more corporation recruit interns to assist their business development, what is more, if two sides are willing to accept each other they will become employee and employer relationship. these are double benefit.But not every student will be easilya intern.And as they did, but they fail to be suitable with their ability to finish assignments. most of firms will critically choose interns and they invarially intend to recruit fanous colloge students as ...
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Share Meeting Preserving and Timing available
2013-10-28 12:54
In your daily office activities it is certian that there are some meeting. You always check time and insure whether you can be perent or absence. When you find out that a few meeting are conflictting to your necessary task in hands however you handlethis impactwill become a critical problem. You must make some excuse tobe absenceone of these impacts.But you have to learn details or decision of the absence meetings or arguments.It will take some time to occup ...
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Share Corporation would prefer to show mass indicators through its gallery
2013-10-25 15:44
Most of us are entering into gallery of a company we first notice too many exhibits or announcements to atttact all attention. We will appeal to our thought and learn some information about this firm. We can regards them as advertisement but we have to think them as firm's culture or company's management mothed. This is just " Visual Management", Today I intruduce it to you, but I state I am just learner or user of Visual Management and not is profesional researcher to it. ...
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Share my professional career
2013-9-21 07:44
Too many thing need to intruduce, I don't know where and what is the starting. As a project manager (automotive components), my core responsibility are monintoring and coordinating the whole project timing, quaility and cost from RFQ( Requirement of quotation)to SOP (series of production). I am very familiar with OEM's (original equipment manufacturing) flow chart, meanwhile I know well how to control and manage internal a complete project matters. & ...
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Self-confidence, Enthusiasm , Family Responsibility

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  • which is more importent between action and plan? 2017-12-12 21:16

    Planners should come from the players in the given playing fields.

    A good playmaker does not meant s/he is a good performer in the designed tasks, the question here is how to make a team working for a common goal: creating meaningful memories for the retired life.

  • The experience of a rental house. 2017-11-22 11:15

    My boyfriend and I have rented a apartment which is  10-square-meter,I even cook in that small house,this year,we changed a bigger house with two bedrooms ,a kitchen,and a bathroom in an old housing estate,then,we kept a Labrador,and he was so naughty that he used to mess our house,therefore,we change our house again,This time ,we rented a house with a small courtyard so that the doggy could play outside the house,but we still don't know when we can afford a real house that belong to ourself,hahah

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