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Share what are these students playing? you guess.
2017-10-22 19:53
what are these students playing? you guess.
what are these teens playing, I don't know. there are too many games after school in my childhood. nowadays it seems that all little boys and girls take part in more training and extra class in their spare time. this picture is impressed me that these child can play game without any pressure.
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Share is it right or not if I will leave without sending farewell letter?
2014-3-13 07:17
To me . tomorrow will be a last work day in current is a secret as I still yetdo notannouncethe last day is tomorrow. this is my personal plan I will take two weeks vacation. yes, this is my only way to solve next occupation company's demand. I already received many time urging to board their team as soon as possible. but wait for year-end this comany bonus wasted me long time and I repeatedly postpone the entering date from March 3 to Mar ...
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Share relationship between husband and wife, how to maintain fine family's environment
2014-3-7 06:03
Modern people become more and more freedom, Even although we have got married and have established own family we still want to persue larger free space without any restrictions. but in reality when different two people set out to live together it will have to take some time to gradually accept the difference lifestyle from each others. During this process it is not avoidable to occur some impactfor each one occupy individual life ideas and thoughts. on the other hand before marriag ...
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Share The growing of next generation is a destination at present.
2014-1-29 12:24
I relatively fail to educate my son in daily life because he does not live with us.he hadleft beenin the hometown until his finishing the primary school education. during this process, there are many factors forcing us to do so. actually I am very anxietyofhis education, I worried he would not get better educating environment in this rural area. on the other hand, although my parents-in-law was carefully taking care of him, but he s ...
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Share I need more time. it is too much precious to me.
2014-1-27 10:52
Today is last day in my office this year( Lunar year calculation). Twelve day holiday is not enough to execute a particular plan. What is more. There are many planed and determined things to be carried out. To me, they are some critical and vital decision, these will eliminate some bad habits, meanwhile these will also enhance some lack knowledge. I must make sure to complete all schedules and decision during this holiday. I by no mean halt all plans, or I will fail ...
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Share There are too many tasks to execute during the spring festive
2014-1-26 11:33
There was chaos I was very confused. And it is increasingly rising, my mood also increasingly sluggish. I don’t foresee where the hope although I cherish many hopes. Whether this was common phenomena constantly bothered me any time. I have much excuse to refuse their not reasonable instruction for they all are not my supervisor or boss. Actually I should be more honest to tell out that my superior is not also suitable one who he is indulged in power game and interest fight with other lead ...
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Share How does a sparrow become a phenix!!!
2014-1-24 14:05
With time pass, we become older and older, and we start to think about what is our gains and what is our losses in the past.I do believe there are too many regrets more than achievements. we invariably illusioned we would be willing to redo what we loss and we all make sure toperform better than at that time. these fantasies remain usback into the past. sometime we also complain we don't occupy favorable condition to do them at that time. this is&nb ...
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Share hold silence and complete slowly
2014-1-23 14:28
When a sudden accident happened our first impulse is that we complain whyit is so! or when we finished a task but others will thinkit unreasonable, our first impulse iswe willrefute why it is so! later We will fall into debate and arguement with your opposer. actually there is no winner, we endlessly quarrelled until one side gives up. But who gives up is not loser, We agree that he/she wi ...
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Share we should become an authentic and honest person?
2014-1-22 10:44
I have found more and more people would rather prefer to wear "face mask" tooperate anything each other. they constantly have pretended to beingfriendly and thoughtful, actually they concealed many resisting behind. this is really horrible for we don't know the truth situation of their thoughts. therefore we also have to pretendto bekindwith them in order to present freindly relationship. this isa generalphenomena, ...
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Share Recall lunar spring festival in my childhood
2014-1-21 16:26
I really hope I can live in the past when I was a little boy. specially when the lunar spring festival is coming,I always recalled some joy and a bit amusement. actually these specific festival remind me to recall the past and the relatives or friendswho was gone. indeed,huge atmosphereof the spring festival strike me to review the past,particularlymy childhood. I alway imagined that ...
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  • which is more importent between action and plan? 2017-12-12 21:16

    Planners should come from the players in the given playing fields.

    A good playmaker does not meant s/he is a good performer in the designed tasks, the question here is how to make a team working for a common goal: creating meaningful memories for the retired life.

  • The experience of a rental house. 2017-11-22 11:15

    My boyfriend and I have rented a apartment which is  10-square-meter,I even cook in that small house,this year,we changed a bigger house with two bedrooms ,a kitchen,and a bathroom in an old housing estate,then,we kept a Labrador,and he was so naughty that he used to mess our house,therefore,we change our house again,This time ,we rented a house with a small courtyard so that the doggy could play outside the house,but we still don't know when we can afford a real house that belong to ourself,hahah

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