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Share A Brief Introduction of Supercapacitors
2015-6-13 10:34
A famous journalist chaijing had made a public report:under the dome.From her speech ,we get know that the fossil fuel and coal's burning is the main reason leading to haze wheather.However ,industrial producitons and vehicles and people's daily life can not run normally without these energy resources .what if one day a magic tool could store and deliver renewable energy,for example the wind and solar energy.Then these environment friendly resources could become available and complement e ...
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Share i am back
2015-5-15 21:29
enjoy the beautiful days in Hangzhou ,
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Share Classwork
2015-3-6 22:14
When i was 12 years old ,i studied in a primary school.At that time ,i was in grade six.One day, the class topic is about the dream.Our Chinese teacher asked us to write down what we want to be when we growed up.After a short time for considering,isaid to my teacher:when i growed up,i want to be a scientific researcher and then i could create many machines. I do not know wheather this class have any effects on my life,but i recognized it was really not easy to hold on to a drea ...
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Share To snowipine
2014-10-18 23:54
Frankly speaking ,the process of one course learnig is really much more difficult comparable with starting one .at first of the time ,you may feel very interested and atrracted by it ,sometimes it did .just be like a child ,we will be curious about anything in the colorful world .after touching it ,smelling it and even having a taste of it ,the curious heart get down with time goes by .to one day ,the life gradually come into boring and common,much of trifles arise. you want to get more but fail ...
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Share why do we learn english
2014-10-17 23:14
there are so many literatures and papers written in english.wihtout learning it ,i can not have any ways to read and it is a inevitable trend to study english for further reasearch.many chinese argue that students should not spendtoo much time on english learning ,and also educational apartment cancell the entrance examination of english,e.v.the english test should not be a part of the total grades. in my opinion,most of them did not recognize the importance may since ...
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Share Extracted From Tianya
2014-8-15 00:25
Hello everyone,please join me here in practicing English.Few of us foreigners can write or speak English without any spelling or gramma errors,and perhaps never can we.So,correctness will not be the main concern here.People with any level of English and any topics are highly welcomed. I believe that the only way to learn a language is to use it.And compared with reading and listening ,writing involves more language skills and is more challenging ,hence can be more useful for us .
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Share belief
2014-1-25 20:59
this is the first blog published in chinadaily forum by me .before this ,i have never written any artcles like this in is a small step to touch the world and learn to change for me .i believe that every little changes can accumulate and lead into qualitative change.maybe it will cost me half an hour or more to finish this blog ,but it deserves. regestered in chinadaily forum for a time ,but the frieds i contacted occasionally can be counted on my memories ,exce ...
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  • belief 2014-1-26 15:28

    snowipine: Happy Lunar New Year!!
    thanks for your regards

  • belief 2014-1-26 07:47

    Happy Lunar New Year!!

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