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Taking a 90-Year-Old Mother for Hangzhou Holiday

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One week into our quality-time holiday together, I have been amazed with the experience. For starters, people generally seems delighted to hear that a 90-year-old person is still healthy and interested to travel and see the world, and gives me a cheery thumbs-up for that revelation. I must also commend the younger generation in China and other kind souls for always instantly giving up their seats to an old person, whether in crowded buses or other public areas. Thank you all for your great kindness and humanity.

Another surprise I received, was when my mother could walk faster and climbed even higher than me when we visited Hangzhou's 1600 year-old Lingyin Temple - Talk about the tale of the tortoise and the hare!! Two days on, and she was rearing to go on our day trip to Suzhou to visit the famous Han Shan Temple among other tourist attractions there, even when the weather is so hot. 

Thus far, this holiday spent with my mother has been more than full of pleasant surprises. I have discovered whilst blabbering with my home-study Hanyu or self-learning Chinese that my 'putong hua' is 'excellent' - and how would I know this? - Because every time I asks for directions, or whereabouts to buy an international phone card, or how to get rental bicycles, etc., strangers like taxi drivers, security personnel, shop assistants, cleaners, tour guides, coach drivers, etc. would light up, smile cheerily at me, and become chatty although I tell them my Chinese is not that good. More than once, I have been complimented with "your putong hua is excellent!". Now, is that a tall tale or what? Hahaha, have a pleasant day everyone!       

Hangzhou street poetry

Hangzhou West Lake


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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-8-15 16:15
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report waterdroplets 2016-8-16 12:25
Tq voice_cd, Hangzhou is really a lovely city.
Reply Report mariejung 2016-8-20 20:27
Your mom has a lovely pants !
Reply Report SEARU 2016-8-20 21:42
All admirable come from plain life! Ordinary people often have legendary story!
Reply Report waterdroplets 2016-8-24 13:44
Thanks mariejung, the pants are from Chiangmai, Thailand, when I took her to ride elephants!
SEARU, you are right - as people create their own legends. It is all in our rich minds and colorful imagination.
TQ snowipine.
Reply Report RonJaDa 2016-9-19 03:53
Yes you often see the best in people when you travel.  glad you both had a good time.
Reply Report waterdroplets 2016-12-2 19:40
Thank you RonJaDa. Christmas is just around the corner, and I would like to wish you and all of China Daily's readers and staff ---
    * A Wonderful Christmas Time! *

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