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Upload at 2015-4-27 05:16 (148 KB)

File name : 051611pstntu4pe7vfcttn.jpg

File type : JPG

File format : image/jpeg

File size : 151086

Timestamp : 2015-04-27 05:16:11



Model : SP510UZ

Horizontal resolution : 72/1inch

Vertical resolution : 72/1inch

Software : Version 1.0

Modification time : 2011:04:27 14:06:48

YCbCr position control : the datum point

Exif version : 0221

FlashPix version : Ver. 1.00

Shooting time : 2011:04:27 14:06:48

Digitization time : 2011:04:27 14:06:48

Shooting resolution height : 600

Shooting resolution width : 464

Shutter aperture : f/5.6

Maximum aperture value : F297/100

Exposure time : 10/1250

F-Number : 56/10

Metering mode : Assessment

Light source : Unknown

Flashlight : Unknown

Exposure mode : Automatic

White balance : Automatic

Exposure program : Depth priority

Exposure compensation : 0/10EV

ISO light sensitivity : 50

Component configuration : YCbCr

Image compression ratio : 2/1Bits/Pixel

Focus distance : m

Focal length : 63/10mm

Equivalent 35mm focal length : mm

User comment :

Color space : sRGB

Exif image width : 2304

Exif image height : 3072

File source : digital still camera

Scene type : A directly photographed image







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Recent comments
  • What Does the DNA Want? 2017-7-5 00:41

    Thanks, @Liononthehunt for sharing your views.

    DNA is actually the product of chemical reactions from the basic building-blocks of elementary particles, to larger molecules and the creation of genes. This DNA build-up eventually led to the conception of a finite life-form, and natural selection is the net 'chemical' attraction of one life-form for another choosing the 'fittest' (containing its personal biological master-plan or diversity among its species) for the survival of that particular species. Biological diversity (creating different species) exists not because of natural selection, but because of the location a species originates from. On a macro scale of life-forms or species, natural selection and survival of the fittest means the lion will kill the deer easily as it is fitter and stronger.  DNA itself doesn't see, and doesn't think, that I agree and may I add, doesn't care either - It just wants to follow the chemical laws!

  • What Does the DNA Want? 2017-7-2 00:09

    Your blog is reminiscent of a book written by Richard Dawkins that is titled The Selfish Genes.
    It is stated in the book genes' ultimate goal is to make sure they can survive and be passed down from generation to generation, and DNA as a genetic element of all living creature, adapts, mutates, or even recycles, by a mechanism called natural selection, and that is why biological diversity exists.
    I just beg to differ on your point of DNA evolving a master-plan to better its chance of survival through copulating with other members of its species, since it is also widely recognized this is the result of natural selection.  DNA itself doesn't see, and doesn't think either.

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