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What Does the DNA Want? 2017-06-30
This is my Theory on 'How Life Began on Earth' - Copyright The DNA building-blocks of all living things began its historical evolution at the int ...
(3361) readings|(2) comments
The Origin of Life 2017-06-28
The Origin of Life If the history of Earth is compared to a 24-hour day, all of human kind's earliest skeleton to the invention of the i-phone, o ...
(2574) readings|(1) comments
For The Love Of Science 2016-11-09
What do you think of the lives of great scientists? These admirable and inspiring trail-blazers bring intellectual progress to the human species whic ...
(5870) readings|(3) comments
Old Uncle And Aunt Comes-A-Visiting ("Chinese Story" Blog Contest) 2016-10-24
My elderly uncle and aunt from China's Yuxi in Yunnan Province, have just visited my family who are currently living on the beautiful island of Penan ...
(4166) readings|(4) comments
Sharing Beautiful Pictures of Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Wuxi in Summer. 2016-08-24
In the searing Summer heat of 35-42 degrees centigrade, I enthusiastically rode on my rented red-bicycle, trot, tacked along with a tour-group, sweate ...
(5308) readings|(2) comments
Taking a 90-Year-Old Mother for Hangzhou Holiday 2016-08-12
One week into our quality-time holiday together, I have been amazed with the experience. For starters, people generally seems delighted to hear that ...
(7819) readings|(7) comments

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SEARU 2016-9-18 21:27:25
Thanks for your flowers on my rocket that is great support for my work!
KIyer 2013-12-6 17:21:29
waterdroplets : Thanks KIyer, you are one great guy..patient and good always! I do disagree because the 'tons' of rubbish make it difficult to find relevant/learning  ... you see, many of the abusive posters know that one will either have to delete their posts to clear clutter  (then it becomes like censorship or restriction and even many honest posters will then be convinced China is restrictive), or they want to bury the issue in their junk. it is their goal. You need ... ...
KIyer 2013-12-5 06:54:12
Hi, I saw your message on Snowipine's board regarding how people who are better at English might abuse those who are still learning. I would like to suggest to you, to learn from Snowipine, how to deal with such people with confidence and dignity. It does not help for CD to remove offensive postings - let them be there for others to see how silly, arrogant and cheap some can be. Remember, you can defend yourself, command respect and communicate ideas even with poor English. Try and write your be ... ...
robert237 2013-12-4 10:07:30
waterdroplets : Just drop by to say hello. I find your posts are sincere and helps to 'neutralize' many of the propaganda/lies/insults posted by a few individuals who ... The only ones who believe them already have hate for China in their heart so it doesn't make any difference. This forum is good entertainment for the Chinese. They can see how foolish, ignorant, and hateful many well indoctrinated western stooges are. ...
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