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Share Fei is on the way
2019-5-7 11:29
Fei is on the way
Mr. Yang feihu is a headmaster of a middle school of a small town in southern China. At the very beginning of his teaching career, he was just a common teacher in a village, teaching both maths and drawing to the little pupils.But there is something so genuine about him that you couldn't help liking him. He is not tall, baldheaded with thick beard on his face which many Chinese man couldn't have.Most of the time, he prefers to wear traditional Chinese Tang suit and he often laughs at himself t ...
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Share 【Lixia】立夏
2019-5-6 20:48
Every solar year around May 5th, as the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 45 degree. Everything grows bigger and faster since then. It is the end of Spring and beginning of the summer. In the afternoon of May 4th, many people gathered together at the backyard of WaSun Cottage ,an intangible cultural heritage, to welcoming Lixia and the May 4th Youth Day. Parents and kids enjoyed the origin of Lixia, stories given by Mr. Zhao shunlong, former vise president and researcher of folk li ...
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Share 5 Ways to take care of myself every day
2019-4-21 08:19
1. Go to the woods as often as possible with meditation. Recently, i have been thinking about plants, especially trees. What we can see is the trees above the earth. I am wondering the parts under the earth.Imagine their roots touched each other just like human beings stand together hands by hands brings me some thoughs of how to communicate with people. 2. Write a poem or prose. It sounds difficult but it is something i've done sometimes that has dramatically reduced my stress while simulta ...
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Share The random thoughts of using the drone
2019-4-21 07:38
The random thoughts of using the drone
The world is always in movement. The using of drone makes the photographer‘s life much easier than before. This afternoon,I happened to see a man who is filming a group of kids. obviously,kids are going to graduate from kindergarten and they are making a photo album. What an easy way of making money! Last summer,my daughter learnt how to control a drone. It cost me much money for her summer training course and I complained a little. Maybe I just have to adapt to the development of the n ...
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Share The memory of Notre Dame
2019-4-19 00:44
The memory of Notre Dame
“I am very sad when reading the news about the tragedy of Notre Dame. I have been to Paris many times, every time I went to Notre Dame to admire her beauty, especially in the evening, sitting on the banks of the Seine River next to the Notre Dame, enjoying the romance of Paris. I have also painted a lot nearby the river.” “There were countless people praying in Notre Dame de Paris in the past,and now it is the turn of the world to pray for her........." Mr. Luqi,Currently a ...
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Share 书写,为了遇见更好的自己
2019-4-7 13:28
everything in this universe has its owner; and if it does not belong to me not a tiny speck can I take. The sole exceptions are the cool breeze on the river, the bright moon over the hills. These serve as music to our ears, as colour to our eyes; these we can take freely and enjoy forever; these are inexhaustible treasures supplied by the Creator, and things in which we can delight together. 天地之间,物各有主,苟非吾之所有,虽一毫而莫取。惟江上之清风,与山间之明月,耳得之而为声,目遇之而成色 ...
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Share Mr.Baojianxin and his art
2019-4-7 13:19
Mr.Baojianxin and his art
Mr. BaoJianXin was Born in Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. He was my classmate back to college in year 1990-1992,a quiet young man with few words that one cannot tell whether he was happy or not. After graduation,he became an art teacher at his hometown. But the man was not satisfied with the character he was. with his wife's support,he further studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai Normal University and China Academy of Art. He first gained attention with his oil paint ...
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Share Sunshine in the afternoon
2019-4-5 08:09
Sunshine in the afternoon
How long can last the sunshine, How long stay fresh the flowers. Alone, my teardrops stream down, So nice the afternoon sunshine, brighten my cold chamber. A delicate fragrance of orchids, with thee,I longed to enjoy and wrote poems together. Now, life lost its color while living with the memory.
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Share hello to you
2019-4-4 00:00
hello to you
Let dandelion take my greetings to you Money, by itself, is so empty. so is love in the brief history of human But still Sail your smile into the air; It will reach and enlive me!
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Share Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
2019-4-2 16:45
Decoding Mr.Fang Xiaofeng
I have always considered him as the most brilliant of the young artists in the city. And this time, theopening of Shentian Art Gallery on Nov. 17th has proved it. Mr. Fang Xiaofeng, also known as FangYiming (方译民), is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes prints, oil painting, Interior design, Calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, or acrylics, sometimes, mixed media as well. The inspiration that he takes from experiencing life creates ...
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  • The random thoughts of using the drone 2019-4-21 22:55

    GOOD picture in which there is flying plane that I had not noticed before reading your text!
    The scene reminds what I saw the other day: That farmer hired a group of technicians who operated planes to spray chemicals onto the crops! It was amazing that two remote-controlled airplanes could work step by step: When the liquid was used up, it could fly back for adding up and then went back to the finished point last time and began spaying again! It is said the process can't be done if without signal from the satellite above the head in the space!

  • 5 Ways to take care of myself every day 2019-4-21 22:37

    About “eat vegetables only,”: I think it is un-scientific if you just use vegetable as staple food for ideal figure! According to mom‘s experience, non-stopping working is nice for health who still owns shining skin and good looking! ’

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