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  • EducationUndergraduate
  • hobbyreading, writing,photography, painting and travelling.

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my husband 2016-07-22
my husband is a anaesthetist. he was often asked to work overtime。now,he passed during a 24 hours duty。the hospital acted very cold.
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sad angry 2016-07-21
My husband,浮旭阳 Fu Xuyang, passed away on July 11th,last week at the hospital where he works, 柳市德康医院. he worked a 24 hour shift and died nea ...
(1365) readings|(3) comments
tears 2016-07-21
<div>My husband,浮旭阳 Fu Xuyang, passed away on July 11th,last week at the hospital where he works, 柳市德康医院. he worked a 24 hour shift and die ...
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Dreamers of Big Ximen School 2015-11-30
On the crowded national highway 104 Cool wind in my hair Up ahead in the distance I saw abandoned cars Piled up lik ...
(1301) readings|(3) comments
Women on the Grande Canal 2014-08-28
  Photo by ShouPing   Picture selected and translated by KristaChen   For many years, people who li ...
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Exhibition of engraving works 2014-08-26
I am longing for some enjoyment of Fine Arts before I go back to my routine work in this last day of my summer holiday. So, here I am, Ningbo M ...
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KIyer 2015-11-29 04:21:16
Thank you for the flowers Krista
KIyer 2014-8-10 17:59:31
thanks for the flowers on my blog, Krista!
KIyer 2014-5-25 16:16:05
thanks for the flowers, Krista!
SEARU 2014-4-27 23:35:48
I  HAVE  NEW  BLOG  THAT  was  written  because  of   your  blog !
SEARU 2014-4-27 11:41:05
thank  for  your  visit  to  my   shabby  blog  room !    In  this  forum  space  ,    we  are  classmates ;   meanwhile ,  we  are  colleagues  ,  I   also   work   in  a  vocational   school !   I  &nb ... ...
KIyer 2014-1-13 20:22:30
thanks for the flowers on my blog Krista. How are you doing?
warm regards,
Raymond007 2013-10-25 16:05:31
Hi KristaChan, Let's talk about child education, ok? My son and your daughter are the same age. Do you have any good idea to show about child education..
KIyer 2013-10-4 08:19:53
thanks for the flowers Krista!
liaronam 2013-8-21 19:22:13
winkingyang 2013-8-19 09:36:05
Congratulations!!! i have to find time to learn from you, thanks
KIyer 2013-8-16 14:05:57
Congratulations Krista, on your win. You write from the heart.
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