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Share The top thing list in life list
2013-9-10 14:34
The top thing list in life list
Recently is too busy to share time on blog,since get the prize from China daily,i even have no chance to express my apprecation for your encourage. To be honest,here i gainmore chances to learn of all kinds of people with various life and mental attitude.It's a new challenge to me to write some thing of my life in English,and it's worthwhile to execute day by day. Today my topic is the most important thing in my life.I guess most of people recieved blessing message or call from our ...
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Share The happy time of DIY
2013-8-19 14:07
The happy time of DIY
Recently i was asborbed in DIY dolls,it's an new hobby gained by the way back home after swam one day. And at present,there are cry-baby,lovers of two rabbits ,the boy named Tu nan zi,the girl named Tu mei tuo,a pillow for baby with fish shape,which will give my best friend as gift to her baby.Miss octopus was finished yesterday,it takes me so much time and patience to sew one by one,as she has eight hands.At last i reward myself with a pillow of cat shape,which is used for nap after luch ...
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Share Do what you should do it’s more important than do you can do
2013-8-16 10:28
Do what you should do it’s more important than do you can do
Recently a choice puzzle me every day,it’s cause by an accident encountered last month of mother. I am girl in family with one parent,they divoiced during university.Both of them love me but can’t live together anymore,and I was belong to both of them,.My love of them is never decreasing whether they were together or apart from each other.In such a situation,mom is always the flimsy one,it’s my duty to pay more attion to her,love and care about with hole-heartedly. ...
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Share My harvest of birthday
2013-8-9 15:19
My harvest of birthday
Dear every friend,i am so happy since from the birthday till now.Concer of colleagues' is one of the big harvest at my birthday party,which was held by them in an moutain cottage with pretty scenery and delicouse dishes. Recently because of the electricity restriction,we are keeping on work at weekend,though my birthday is Saturday and i even give up inviting friend to have fun.They gave me surprise and make me moving .Sometime people may consider one's ability to work and outstanding ...
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Share Fresh and special day to me
2013-8-3 11:16
It's my birthday today,but i am on a business trip alone.How should i spend this silly times with no families and friends? Now some ideals emerging: 1.Go to swimming pool have good exercise,gain relax and slim body and spiritual. 2.Go to library to read good books,gain peaceful mental attitude,then reward myself delicouse good,maybe a nice cake,or a dainty dish. 3.Short trip just for relax,to visit different place with differ people ,curiosity will make me feel fresh. 4.Go to sho ...
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Share My simple life
2013-8-1 14:54
My simple life
There is an old saying:God sends fortune to fools. It's silly suit for me,because not only is happiness always around me,but I also do trifles to amuse myself when I feel bored. My friends always joke with me when I speak words of sorrow and mope, They say it's means the eldest aunt visit me as usual ( menstrual period ) .Maybe most foreigner friend can't understand ,but Chinese girl get it. There are so many fantastic,magic, and unexplainable things eme ...
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Share How to deal with your relationship
2013-7-26 16:01
How to deal with your relationship
A manof many wordsis general unwelcomed. Sometimes i am talktive girl during date with my girlfriends,but never talk over somebody else's problems,expecially our colleagues.It's weakness of character for most people,especial for woman. I like to analysis other peoples' affairs and learn by their experience.Becausenobodyhave enough time and chance to experience everything so that to avoid making mistakes.But you may profit by the erroes of so ...
Personal category: Moment of life|3132 views|8 comments Popularity 5
Share New member say hello to China daily and every one involves
2013-7-25 16:52
Hi my first time to take part in this forum,in which everyone relates his personal in english and share his happiness,sorrow,interestingevents.Though i update dynamic regularly on QQ space and Sina Weibo ect.But i find China daily may be come one of my important world to share ,study and make more friend. I'm here,waiting you,my dear new friends.
Personal category: Moment of life|2169 views|1 comments Popularity 1
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