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Do what you should do it’s more important than do you can do

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Recently a choice puzzle me every day,it’s cause by an accident encountered last month of mother.


I am girl in family with one parent,they divoiced during university.Both of them love me but can’t live together anymore,and I was belong to both of them,.My love of them is never decreasing whether they were together or apart from each other.In such a situation,mom is always the flimsy one,it’s my duty to pay more attion to her,love and care about with hole-heartedly.

After graduation and amativeness,I chose to stayed in familiar city where I passed through my university life and my boyfriend worked here. It’s far away from my mom,she still stayed in her habitual city Guangzhou.Her wish is that  my work should be in her city,not only I can accompany with her but also there are more chances for career.

At that time,it’s hard for me to gave up my utopia,where I can wander all day with best sisters at weekend,no worry for her nag about wasting money for useless goods,I can date with my boyfriend without considering her warnings .I can grand me a reward by short trip or throwing my money around  a deliciouse dish or nice dress with no hesitation when in low mood.

To me it’s a perfect world far away from control of parents,it’s silly freedom without restraint.It’s selfish to enjoy my happiness blinding her loneliness , helpness,missing and trepidation

Since she suffered injury from her work,and was in hospital alone without family accompanied.The only thing I can do is making three call every day,after hanging up tears filled my eyes.At that time,I decided to leave for Gaungzhou ,start a new life with my dear mom.Go through all these things,i learn that nothing is more important than my mama’s happiness and healthy.

During our best years,we can choose many things to led a varied life without considering of parents,it’s what we can do.But from now on,I want choose what I should do to instead of what I can do,it’s my duty to lead my single mama to comfortable life,she and me be happy together ,but not enjoy myself.



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Reply Report Yes-summer 2013-8-25 21:49
You are a filial daughter
Reply Report 槿↖(^ω^)↗ 2013-8-26 11:08
eh,i try to be.
Reply Report I_am_Andrew 2013-10-19 00:25
Guangzhou is also full of opportunity.Best luck to you.
Reply Report Liza520 2015-12-1 17:41
your essay blingbling with your amazing optimistic attitude. good luck
Reply Report luckyann 2015-12-2 09:55
I know the most difficult thing is the desition to act and now you've decided.

I sincerely hope your mom recover soon.  

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