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Report youknowhat 2013-10-7 20:20
Salut_F: great,and friends r always there to help u
many thanks!
Report youknowhat 2013-10-6 21:14
Salut_F: sorry,i just got ur message,so wats up,ill try all i can to help u:)
this chinese website required me to sign in but i dont have a chinese fone number to register...methinks it's okayed now.  thanks anyway!
Report youknowhat 2013-9-30 20:35
i NEED your help with something...can you help?  thanx! Peter
Report snowipine 2013-8-20 23:52
how are you dear friend
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 21:27
Salut_F: got it,now i can see all the mgs u sent.Im chinese,too.and u can call me Lynn
ok, thanks.
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 13:42
Salut_F: hm bye
i have see your message, Salut-F. i also met the same question as you. this is the normal webmaster or system safety check, i think so. every one's posts must be accept the procedures, you know.
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 12:30
do you see this message now?
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 12:29
maybe here is some troubles on web, try again later. i wanna quit. bye.
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 12:04
Salut-F, are seeing this message? now?
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 11:55
Salut_F: so,here i am
i am taking a break from work, and spare no time want have a chat for relax. are you busy?
Report snowipine 2013-8-15 11:53
Salut_F: so,here i am
where are you from, my dear friend?
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