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Share The Purple Egg
2015-11-30 13:31
The Multibillionaire was on stage. He saw a sea of faces looking up to him from the crowded, large theatre. There was no standing room. It was packed to the rafters. The spotlight shone on him and the table in front of him. It shone on a large brown-coloured egg kept in an open, beautiful red velvet-lined tiny gold casket. The image of him, next to that of the brightly illuminated brown egg was projected on to a large screen display behind him and on large television screens all around th ...
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Share To Make This World A Better Place- Become a bit more like them
2015-11-26 13:57
The crooked need to become a bit straightforward The straightforward need to become a bit crooked The weak need to become a bit stronger The strong need to become a bit weaker The innocent need to be become a bit more knowledgeable The knowledgeable need to become a bit more innocent The naive need to become a bit more clever The clever need to become a bit more naive The timid need to become a bit more bold The bold need to become a bit more ...
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Share Never Argue With A F-o-o-l
2015-11-24 06:51
I suppose all of us have had the experience that bring to mind one of the following sayings. Never argue with a f-o-o-l; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. — Mark Twain Don’t argue with i-d-i-o-t-s because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. — Greg King Answer not a f-o-o-l according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. — Proverbs 26:4 (King James version) - See, even religi ...
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Share PNC Shambhu – Beautiful Beauticians
2015-11-22 15:00
It is truly said that The Lord above has a sense of humour. He has blessed those that say the most politically incorrect things with the loudest and clearest voice, one that can be heard above others and the surrounding noise. Our PNC Shambhu was one such recipient of The Lord’s blessings. When he was a grown adult, he was slightly deaf, which added a couple of notches on the volume settings his voice. He had a clear, deep, booming and loud resonant sound with South Indian accent in whic ...
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Share Self Respect and Self Esteem - Get your children on to them
2015-11-18 17:21
Some of the greatest human conflicts and tragedies can be traced to treating someone unfairly or with a lack of respect or courtesy. This is true at personal as well as national, cultural and racial levels. On the positive side of indicators, the greater the percentage of self-respecting individuals with self-esteem in a population, the more successful the society is in a genuine way. Simply having a lot of stuff, money or material wealth does NOT make a successful society. ...
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Share PNC Shambhu - Early Years – Of Beards and Aunts
2015-11-15 17:21
Since innocence is strongly linked to political incorrectness, it is but natural that children, who are likely to be more innocent than most adults, will bring up more moments of PNC. Our Shambhu was and remains innocent in many ways that other adults are not. Even as a very young child, Shambhu was quite fond of hanging out with his father who usually maintained a neatly trimmed beard. Shambhu liked the feel of his chin and cheeks and often rubbed them with his tiny hands. His fa ...
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Share The Inscrutable Chinese
2015-11-12 07:16
The Inscrutable Chinese Note: This article is based on some stereotypes of Western and Eastern people that are generalisations. I believe individuals should be judged for what they are. But these generalisations however have some statistical validity and are very useful for learning. I guess most Westerners who are exposed to debating, dealing or negotiating with Chinese or Asians have heard this expression 'Inscrutable Chinese Face'. I have rarely seen this used with r ...
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Share Which Chinese philosopher(s) ?
2015-11-11 04:41
Which Chinese philosopher(s) do you admire most? We see many views and philosophies from various parts of the world being written about actively here on CD. I would love to see more about Chinese philosophy and philosophers from the Chinese themselves. Who had the best views on human values, in your opinion? Why do you think so? Please share.
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Share Viktor Frankl on the Human Spirit and Why Idealism Is the Best Realism
2015-11-10 14:24
I really liked the idea expressed in the following quotation from an article. From 'brainpickings' org website. How We Elevate Each Other: Viktor Frankl on the Human Spirit and Why Idealism Is the Best Realism “If we take man as he really is, we make him worse. But if we overestimate him … we promote him to what he really can be.” Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl (March 26, 1905–September 2, 1997) is a timeless testament to the luminous tenacity ...
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Share PNC Shambhu - Early Years - Pockets
2015-11-10 07:34
It is common in the Indian culture to observe a child closely and comment on its 'nature' from a very early age. The elders in the family and neighbourhood will often predict a certain future personality and a kind of future for the child when he/she is grown up. PNC Shambhu certainly gave some early indications to his parents and grandparents that they were blessed with a special child. But then, his family and friends did not quite 'get' him in the early years. Th ...
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