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Share The Quiet Walk
2013-7-22 07:34
The Quiet Walk
“The Quiet Walk” (A Painting by Peter Matheson) One day, I was taking a quiet walk around the town, just looking around, getting to know it more. In a little lane called ‘Baker’s Lane’, across from the primary school and behind the main street, there are just a couple of shops – one of them deals in computers and the other is an art gallery. As I walked by the window of the art gallery, which was closed, a cou ...
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Share The Orientals dont know how to live, the Occidentals dont know how to die
2013-7-22 07:19
The Orientals don’t know how to live, The Occidentals don’t know how to die, Caveat: I know, I know!! It is not politically correct to say such things. Stereo-typical generalisations do not apply to all and care must be taken to judge people for how they are as individuals. I am deliberately using this broad stroke to simply make a point about life and death. It is based on some observations of life around me. The scene: ...
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Share Dont Cry, Its Only a Game!
2013-7-22 07:09
Dont Cry, Its Only a Game! The roar of the crowd of about sixty thousand fans was like the sound of an ocean in the huge stadium. Crescendos built and waned. They filled the ears like waves, incoherent background of noise with snatches of voices, cheers and yells that one could still make out the words clearly. A father sat with his barely teenaged son in the upper edge of the huge brightly-lit bowl with a green velvet centre of grass surrounded by success ...
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