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Share Introducing PNC Shambhu
2015-11-9 08:42
Pattikonda Nageswarrao Chandrasekhara Shambhu was his full name. It required an extra line in his passport. It was similar to other names from where he hailed. At his school, university and work, he was called PNC Shambhu. Amongst his friends and in social circles, he earned the honorific and he came to be known as Politically-Not-Correct Shambhu. When he went abroad to work, he came to be known affectionately as 'Politically-Not-Correct Shambles' or just as 'Shambles'. It was ...
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Share Rose Bushes Saga
2015-11-8 18:51
Rose Bushes Saga It was spring then A long time ago There was the beloved You were there There was no rose bush I was poor, I had no house There was no rose I could not afford to buy you flowers One stray rose from next-door dared peep over the fence I stole one from the neighbour's bush No flower was safe from my seeking eyes ...
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Share The Power is in the Truth
2015-11-8 07:59
The real power is in the truth, not the person speaking it. Would you agree?
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Share We are ALL Good!
2015-11-8 07:41
I bet that, barring a miniscule minority, no one will disagree with me when I say that we ALL, each of us, know in our hearts that our true individual values in life when dealing with others are as follows: Truth, Honesty, Fairness and Compassion. I dare any of you to disagree with this assumption of mine! Not just as individuals, but also as societies or countries, we liked to be judged according to our values, which WE know are GOOD. Really, its often tha ...
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Share Religious Deities And Their Followers' Lives
2015-10-31 13:36
I passed by a church and saw the image of a saint built into the walls. The image was of a simply dressed woman standing straight in a long robe, fully covering her form except for the face. It had a soft, pious expression. Inside, I saw the image of Jesus and other saints. Those were all similar too - a serious or slight smile in expression, sober or solemn in mood. The clothing and attire of all the deities were of a simple, muted colours that did stand out - they appeared a plain, off-wh ...
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Share English learners, use CD as a Practising Forum
2015-10-27 15:47
One of the most impressive features of ChinaDaily is the freedom of expression and variety of views it provides a reader or writer, without being too caught up in the correctness of grammar or syntax of the English language. They let the ideas and thoughts be put out there for all to see on this forum. It is quite rare to see this level of tolerance and openness. The CD moderators and staff are quite supportive and helpful in my experience. One of the great purposes of learning and u ...
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Share Is Tertiary Education Necessary To Succeed In Life?
2015-10-27 06:03
The degree (pardon the pun) to which a person can succeed in life by putting in the required effort without a need for a college degree, indicates the health and maturity of a society and industry. Of course, there are specialized skills and qualifications needed for certain professions and jobs, and a tertiary degree is absolutely necessary. But there are areas of entrepreneurship and skills that are/cannot be taught in schools. A good society lets people rise and thrive with the right effort ...
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Share Aussie Legend - Ron Barassi
2015-10-25 10:31
When my little son was starting out in primary school, he was swept into a passion for the Australian Rules Football, 'Footy' as they call it here. He joined his local club - virtually every suburb or town here seems to have a footy and cricket club. Since his best friend then was a supporter of one of the clubs, he too followed and insisted that all the rest of the family do so too. We all did. Even though we had no idea of the game and its rules or history then. We slowly started to kno ...
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Share Two Illusions - Misleading Western Media
2015-10-20 17:50
The image of life in Western countries that people in other countries get is often by the western media - movies or TV series or the newspapers. In my experience, there are two areas where the impressions gathered from the Western media can be quite misleading. While some of it is accidental, I suspect some of it is deliberate. It is designed to create an impression on the young, immature growing minds and make them want to migrate to the West or feel totally dissatisfied with their life ...
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Share Self-respect, self-confidence and self-esteem - East vs West
2015-10-20 13:28
These are qualities necessary for anyone to believe honestly that one can be or become the best in the world in any area or any endeavour. It is not simply considering one superior to others, it is a belief that we need not be or feel inferior to anyone else, if we put in honest effort. It does not mean one has to be aggressive or loud or bombastic in exhibiting these positive qualities. They can be done while still being mostly quiet, calm and soft spoken. That is how most right ...
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