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Share Pakistani Poets Killing Lions
KIyer 2015-1-29 09:02
If the title evokes mental images of poets in Pakistan going around like the British did in the Indian subcontinent in the past few centuries - packing guns, riding into the forests and killing hundreds of thousands of wildlife, helpless against weapons against which they really never had a chance - lions, tigers, deer, elephants, birds to bring back as trophies, then wipe them away. This article is not about such uncultured cruelty. This is ...
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Share Growing Up Alongside The Son
KIyer 2015-1-22 09:47
Growing Up Alongside The Son Tall, dark and handsome - of the three things that women look for in men, I definitely have one. I am dark! In India it should truly read tall, fair and handsome for males. However, just being dark is not considered veto worthy for males, particularly if they are from a 'well-to-do' family or have the prospects of becoming 'well-to-do'. I missed out on my father's height of well over six feet (that my younger brothers got). I also missed out on my mothe ...
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Share Daddy Surgeon
KIyer 2015-1-17 19:10
Daddy surgeon needs three steady hands plus tweezers and a thimble or a pincushion thumb to loosen the back of an ear stud that has pushed into the still healing, recently pierced ear lobes. A Band-Aid does the job of one hand, holding the earlobe bent and in place. No general anesthesia and a high -strung patient. 'Surgery' performed successfully, big relief, all happy! !
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 18 - All Aboard the Train and The End
KIyer 2015-1-8 09:44
Aboard The Train!! The pregnant mother in the ‘Ladies’ line got to purchase tickets earlier than those in the general line. Women have long had a separate, preferential line in the Indian queue system. It was dark in the evening before their train was announced on a certain platform. The father went away briefly to help fill some reports about the incident with the taxi driver and his friends. He returned. Looking at the obviously pregnant mother and her ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 17 - Taxi To The Station and Swift Justice
KIyer 2015-1-6 13:39
After a good night’s sleep extending to the early morning, the family of the little boy awoke to a bright day. After breakfast, the father set out to arrange a taxi to take them to the railway station. After scanning the neighbourhood thoroughly for an hour or so, he managed to find a taxi driver willing to make a run to the station. The vehicle itself looked run down and rusty. The driver asked for the details of the passengers and luggage to be carried. “Only passe ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 16 - Trying To Leave Amritsar
KIyer 2015-1-4 20:28
Trying to Leave Amritsar He remembered: The father returned from work unusually early the next day – it was late next evening. There was no electricity and the house was dark. The children were playing outside, just before going to bed. The children greeted him and went along with him to their mother. “How was your day? How come you are back early?” she asked right away, noting that something was not normal. “Let’s pack up and get ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 15 - Sick And Tired, Decision To Leave Amritsar
KIyer 2015-1-3 19:18
Sick and Tired The mother was feeling really tired and sick from her condition and general exhaustion. She complained bitterly to the father, who could not be home for long spells. She was gradually getting mentally drained and depressed. She was well aware of it. She tried to sometime be artificially cheerful. She had heard countless times that pregnant women should be happy and healthy for the child to be born happy and healthy. Any stress in her would aff ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 14 - Capturing the Pilot and His Heart - The legend of
KIyer 2015-1-2 07:42
The legend of Harpreet and Munni (Capturing the Pakistani Pilot and his heart) As the fighter plane from Pakistan was shot down and it hurtled towards the ground, burning, the pilot ejected. A parachute was seen coming down with a limp figure attached to it. It appeared he was either unconscious or injured showing very feeble movements. People on the ground could roughly work out the trajectory and Harpreet’s group was keen to pic ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 13 - Slow and Sudden Impacts of War
KIyer 2015-1-1 13:02
Slow And Sudden Impacts of War The war was starting to affect everyone a bit. Shopping hours and places were limited. There were curfews imposed on many streets during days and nights. Many were out of work and many businesses struggled or started to shut down. Many poor struggled to have as many meals or as much food as they would normally have. People did not bathe everyday – shopping for supplies was getting difficult. Everyone accepted everyon ...
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Share Earliest Memories - Part 12 - Night Raid and Dangerous Beauty
KIyer 2015-1-1 05:45
The Night Time Bombing Raid The family had dinner early that evening and went to bed. They moved the children’s bed to join up with the parents’ bed and all of them lay down, with the children in the middle. They had gotten used to wearing an extra layer of their most ragged clothes as the outermost layer over a better set underneath. It helped with the cold and helped get back quickly to normal routine, when coming back from the trenches. They could simpl ...
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