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Share Chapter 16 – Parallel Universe 1 – The Waiting Game Begins
KIyer 2015-8-3 07:41
Another couple of months passed quietly and swiftly with Srini living with his son Rohan’s family. Srini went to meet Dr. Fa and returned from the last visit with a clean bill of health. “I will be most happy to have been mistaken or wrong, Srini. Make the most of what you have,” Dr. Fa had said with a smile. He knew that it might just be a matter of a few more months before the signs started to appear and that Srini might get worse, but he could not entirely rule of the possib ...
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Share Grandfatherly Feelings
KIyer 2015-6-24 07:35
He sat reminiscing, reclining on the couch. It would the first birth anniversary of the little ones. There would be a huge party, friends and family would come, bring a lot of presents and shower them with love. They would be at the stage when they would appreciate things with colour, movement, sounds, enjoy playing with things, smiles, being carried up on the shoulder and make delighted sounds. They would be toddling around. They would compete over toys, one had to get two of a ...
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Share A Tea vendor from Lucknow show that humanity has no religion
KIyer 2015-6-15 09:49
Time and again, I am constantly reminded of how the common people live around the world, in countries where the media often hyper-inflates and sensationalizes the most negative acts done in the name of religion. The more quietly spoken, less known media stories are such as the one below. The electronic social media network has brought out more of these true stories. This is a more genuine reflection of life, a point that I have repeatedly made in the past. Would like to see more of ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 15 – The Split Into Parallel Universes
KIyer 2015-5-19 08:06
I suppose most of us have heard of the theories of parallel universes. According to some supposedly scientific notions, our world and universe is just one of the many possible parallel universes. There is also the theory that at a very minute level, the level of all things of the size of an atom or smaller, the laws of the universe are strange and not as we humans believe of the world around us. Things are not exact or measurable and many things, whose existence we believe in, exist only ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 14 – Moving In With Kids
KIyer 2015-5-18 08:15
During Srini’s travels Rohan and Anita had moved into the new homes that Srini had arranged for them. They took Srini to his own house that he had arranged to be sold off when he had gone. He had leased it back himself, to live out his last days there. The house had fetched a good price above what he had expected. Srini’s checks for his charities and others were covered by the sale of the house. Rohan and Anita insisted that Srini spend some time at ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 13 – Europe and Americas Bucket List
KIyer 2015-5-15 07:40
Srini flew in to Frankfurt. He was met by his cousin and a childhood friend. He spent a couple of days with them and their families. They had a good time and Srini told them why his time was running out. He asked them to keep the news to themselves. It was emotional, but they agreed and went along. They drove to Munich where he met an old flame of his, Gisela, who was working in a pub and attached restaurant. Srini and his friends showed up at the restaurant to surprise her and o ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 12 – A Tour of Nairobi and Off to Europe
KIyer 2015-5-10 08:01
“Good morning, Mister Srini.” Srini woke up with a start and his eyes were blinded by the sunlight streaming in. Amani had come to wake him up. It was getting late in the morning, the big old fashioned grandfather clock in her room had just struck 10 o’clock and Srini had overslept. Amani and her family had waited patiently for him to join them at breakfast, then relented and went ahead. The younger son, then the older son and then Kiano and his sister all had taken turns to come ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 11 – Amani’s Home
KIyer 2015-5-10 07:56
Amani lived with her two sons and the wife and children of one of them, in a city housing block with rooms distributed to accommodate her and her children within an enclosed compound. There was a big common kitchen and pantry that was attached to her bedroom. There was a living room next to it. In old fashioned style the bathroom and toilets were away from the house. Her two sons each had a separate family bedrooms and portions of the house. There was a shed with three walls and a ro ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 10 – The Itinerary – Stranger in Dubai and Kenya
KIyer 2015-5-8 09:10
Srini landed in Dubai, spent a couple of days touring around, staying in a hotel and seeing the desert on a conducted tour. He then flew to Nairobi, Kenya. He knew absolutely no one there. He had never been there before. He stayed at a hotel near a park. He had befriended the taxi driver who had driven him from the airport. He got his phone number to arrange for him to drive him around for a couple of days. Srini had never been in Africa and it was a dream from his childhood to ...
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Share The Last Penny - Chapter 9 – The Itinerary – Siblings and Family in India
KIyer 2015-5-6 08:37
Anita, Rohan, Molly and the kids drove Srini to the airport. He was first headed to India via Singapore, to visit some close family and friends. They checked in and spent some time waiting, letting the kids wander and play in the large spaces at the airport. A little while before the flight was called, Srini got up and after the farewell hugs and kisses, picked up his wheeled carry-on baggage and walked towards the door leading to the immigration and security check. He turned a ...
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