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Share Transcript Of My Conversations With God – I. Be Nice or Be Just?
KIyer 2013-10-24 13:31
Transcript Of My Conversations With God – I Be Nice or Be Just? The other day, alone and resting for a little while, my kids away at school, I was talking to God. For as long as I can remember, it has been a one-sided conversation. I was ‘praying.’ Though, to be accurate, I have to confess I was asking for a few things of God. Some among my family and dear friends had birthdays coming up, someone was embarking on an important journey to start a new job, an old rel ...
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Share What We Have And What We Want
KIyer 2013-10-18 06:53
What We Have And What We Want It was 10-am, the first coffee-break time at the office. Everyone trooped into the office kitchen coffee mugs in hand and lined up at the hot water dispenser. They filled their mugs, took the little paper tubes of coffee or teabags,sugar, milk and the biscuits or cakes on the serving table and found their way to their favourite seats next to their favourite colleagues for a chat. As usual, people talked about how their previous day or the weeke ...
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Share Dating resume of a middle-aged Indian
KIyer 2013-10-15 13:09
Disclaimer: This resume was originally posted over 2 years ago and again at the beginning of last leap year. As of now, I am already taken, not looking for anyone. I am happily in love. Just saw the post of Ratfink, of a while ago, on this forum and remembered this one of mine. Someone I know suggested getting married today the 29th of Feb, saying one could save on anniversaries and anniversary gifts. So, I am putting out the resume of ...
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Share Baby Koala On Daddy Tree
KIyer 2013-10-8 13:18
Baby Koala On Daddy Tree! I took the local metro train just the other day to go to another end of Melbourne from where I live. It was just after dropping my kids off to school, just after peak hour in the morning. It was about 9.30am when I got on the train. I found a seat near the doors, but two rows away from them. Usually the rows nearest to the doors are special seats - upon request they need to be given up for people with special needs. As we passed a couple of stations, all t ...
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Share A Few Fine Furphies
KIyer 2013-9-13 11:33
A Few Fine Furphies Now, if you ask me what a ‘Furphy’ is, I could tell you or you could look it up on the Internet. Gosh, that Internet is ubiquitous and you can find out just about anything in a few seconds; the future of knowledge is very different from when we were kids! However, I will not tell you right away. I will let you figure out what a furphy is after reading this story. If you don’t already know, I would strongly advise you not to look it up before rea ...
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Share A Town Called Alex: Eildon and District Woodworkers Guild
KIyer 2013-8-28 07:42
A Town Called Alex: Eildon and District Woodworkers Guild
Eildon And District Woodworker’s Guild This is a guild I discovered by accident and joined, in which I, at 48, am a baby, youngster. Yes, there are a few much younger than I, but mostly the most active members are the older ones. This group has so many skilled, kindly, giving, sharing people that I have benefitted from, I cannot be thankful enough. There are so many here to meet and know. Let me introduce you to Santa and his helpers! ...
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Share A Town Called Alex: Ron
KIyer 2013-8-28 07:31
Ron The people here in Alex, are each memorable characters, real down to earth with a spirit that makes this part of the earth a delight to live in. I have a neighbour - let’s call him “Ron.” Ron is an ex-bikie who grew up here, rode motorbikes, worked in the mines of Western Australia, and lived in New Zealand for a while. He is a tall, powerfully built man, with long unkempt hair, a former hippie. Currently, how hip can one b ...
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