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Share Love On(the)line
KIyer 2014-2-24 13:47
Love On(the)line She sat alone, settled in her rocking chair, in front of the fire that was burning bright in the fireplace. The room was warm. An almost full glass of red was at hand next to her on a side table. Next to it were the dozen long stemmed red roses in a vase and a packet of dark chocolate that had come along with them. She broke off a piece of the chocolate, popped it into her mouth and felt it melt ...
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Share Moonstruck On A Spring Night- Valentine's day special
KIyer 2014-2-9 10:50
Moonstruck On A Spring Night It’s a late Friday evening in late spring. The breeze is warm, gentle and comes in gusts almost like ocean waves, sporadically. The full moon shines half way up in the mostly clear sky. It is seen clearly from the courtyard of a restaurant. It is aptly called courtyard. There is some courting going on, and the moon just seems to be fuelling it. The tables are scattered around the softly lit yard with old fashioned lamps on posts. There i ...
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Share Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom
KIyer 2014-2-5 13:24
Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom We often see the first three words in common use these days with an air of awe, modernityand sophistication about them. We understand them with specific meaning and definitions. They truly reflect the times we live in, the era of Information Technology. Rarely do we see the last word among the four - either in use or practice! I will define the words as I under ...
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Share Feel like a Heel?
KIyer 2014-1-31 18:37
Feel like a Heel? In midlife, well actually a bit past it, He was looking up profiles of ladies online, looking for a possible soul-mate. He was of Indian origin, a small minority in this land. It was Australia and the year 2011, but since humans evolved into societies and looked for potential mates, certain things seem to have been constant, though hidden from him all these years. He was discovering this for the first time, after the end of his first marriage. The first marriage ...
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Share PTSD
KIyer 2014-1-24 12:04
He returned from his most recent tour of duty in the Middle-East, a changed man. It was not just the physical changes - the most obvious one was a stiff gait from a moderately deep shrapnel-wound that had apparently severed some muscles. He had recovered better than expected and could still move around, but was not fit for combat roles anymore. He had been assigned other roles behind the desk and in organising and coordinating training, logistics – working with people back on a military b ...
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Share Curry Chicken Pizza Rolls - A Proud Parental Moment
KIyer 2014-1-19 14:16
Curry Chicken Pizza Rolls (A Proud Parental Moment) I reckon most parents secretly harbour a fantasy. They would live all their life for just one such moment. Imagine. Your child stands up on a stage to receive a worthy award – A Nobel prize, or an Oscar or a Medal of Honour or something on those lines, and makes an acceptance speech. Usually, the kids are older in life and you are aged, sitting in the front row and the camera cuts to you and your expressions as your child ...
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Share Transcript Of My Conversations With God - 2 - (Goodies and Baddies)
KIyer 2014-1-16 09:39
Transcript Of My Conversations With God - 2 (Goodies and Baddies) It had been a busy day and I was walking one late evening, to relax and wind down for the evening. I was near the Goulburn river as it flowed under a bridge. There was no one else around and I had walked a fair distance. I decided to sit down at the edge of the river, my seat dry and my feet wet - sandals off and toes dipped in the cool waters. It felt good after the hot day in a long spell of hot, scorchi ...
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Share Asif's World View: Memories Of India
KIyer 2014-1-6 09:13
Asif’s World View I first met Asif staring at me and my one year old son, from the other side of the high metal gate at the head of the driveway of my newly rented house, in Hyderabad. He stood still, with his face between two bars. He looked the odd kid out of the pack, I realised his bones were all funny, he had a very pronounced pigeon chest, his hands were not quite right, his hips and legs were all somehow warped, yet he walked slowly and seemed to have ...
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Share The Pair Trees
KIyer 2013-12-24 18:00
The Pair Trees
The ‘Pair’ Trees Along a busy road, near where I live in Melbourne, there is a section of green grass and a line of trees, each separated by about 20-30 feet. This gives a break from a series of driveways that open on to the road from houses. This is achieved by having the houses along the section open out to inner roads so that their sides or rear face this line of trees. It makes for a pleasant change as one walks along it. When I first move ...
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Share The Dick Nicholls Collection: Yarns From A Town Called Alex
KIyer 2013-12-16 06:48
The Dick Nicholls Collection: Yarns From A Town Called Alex
Dick Nicholls in tool heaven One day Ernie Hunt, my woodworker friend suggested I go and meet a person in town. Knowing I am writing a book on Alex, he said it would likely be of some interest to write about this man and his collection of tools which is legendary among people in the know. I was given a name, a number and an address. I called, made an appointment and went over. I took my little daughter along just t ...
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