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Share The 92 year Old Lawn Mower - Yarns from Alex - Stories of Col - 4
KIyer 2014-3-31 04:34
The 92 year Old Lawn Mower How old is the mower? No, it is not the machine mowing the lawn I am talking about, it is the person. I am sure most people would not have had the honour or privilege of having their lawn mowed by a nonagenarian - one who can barely walk without a walker. I am sure none of us would seek such an honour. However, when it happens, one can only watch and feel some awe. ...
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Share Blessings of the old - Do you count them?.
KIyer 2014-3-27 16:14
Do you gather the blessings of the old? In the culture I was born, it was considered a good thing to get blessings from the old. People often went out to get such, by either serving the old and infirm, or just any old opportunity. At the end of most ceremonies or functions, at farewells of family and friends, at the beginning of something new, the young bowed before the old, just as they would before deities and blessings were given loudly and publicly. I used to think it strange as a kid, but o ...
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Share Respect Your Elders – Cultural Differences - Stories of Col - 3
KIyer 2014-3-25 00:49
Respect Your Elders – Cultural Differences As I have mentioned before, Alex has many residents older than I am. They are kind, helpful and giving. In trying to give back and be respectful to my elders, I have sometimes, with the best of intentions, probably caused some mixed feelings. I appreciate the tolerance and grace of the people around who accept me for what I am, as of this moment, as I try to bridge deep, longstanding cultural dif ...
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Share Amazing Grace - Yarns From A Town Called Alex - Stories of Col - 2
KIyer 2014-3-20 22:23
Amazing Grace This is the story of amazing grace - not the famous song, but something I witnessed. One day, Peter, an artist that you will meet, saw me walking around town, offered me a lift and dropped me off near my home. We saw Col, across the street, near his gate. I think he was putting out his rubbish-bin again. We walked over to say G’day. I, the new comer in town introduced Col and Peter, both local veterans. I reckon the ...
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Share Superman Col and Heather - Yarns From A Town Called Alex - Stories of Col - 1
KIyer 2014-3-20 16:07
Superman Col And Heather Superman Col __________________________________________________________________________ My friend Col (short for Colin) is no more. He passed away a couple of months ago in Alexandra. This was written over three years ago. I have written many pieces about him. I will post them as a series. Here's the first one. With fond memories, RIP. Col! _______________________________________________________ ...
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Share Poison Rose - A Chinese Expat's story
KIyer 2014-3-17 11:06
Poison Rose This yarn is based on a true story of a friend of mine who is originally from China. About forty years ago, London, summer. Alison, a young lady in her 20s, who had grown up in Asia, had been living in London for about five years now - studying and working. She lived in a little attic flat that she rented in a three-storey block. It was one of many such typical blocks along the street. It was a weekend. Her good friend, Melissa, also in h ...
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Share April _____
KIyer 2014-3-10 22:01
April _____ A long time, about 30years, ago, in central India there lived a young man in his early twenties called Srinivas. He was a single ‘bachelor’ working on his first job as an engineer. While his own family lived in a distant city, he had moved to this city for a job after his own heart. He had rented a ‘portion’ – a typical Indian term for a ‘portion-of-the-house’. Usually, it was literally a portion of the house that had been set aside by some ...
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Share A Rockesh style poem - A story
KIyer 2014-3-2 13:16
I I... You I, You We Us He You, He I I... ..I?
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Share iRock - II: Writing "Rockesh" Style
KIyer 2014-3-1 22:58
Writing ‘Rockesh’ Style iRock –II As he sat down after dinner that night, Shekar remembered Rakesh, the little boy vending coffee. He laughed at his saying his name as ‘Rockesh’ when trying to say his name stylishly in English. He was sitting down at his laptop to write home an email to his family and boss back in California. Even while he was holidaying in India, he was doing some work for his company, scouting out some business p ...
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Share iRock
KIyer 2014-3-1 00:36
iRock There he was, sitting down on the hot, hard, cracked concrete seat of the bus-stop having alighted from one bus and waiting to catch another. The sun was hot, it was dusty and humid. There was no useful shade - the ‘shade’ portion of the bus-stop having gone missing. It had mysteriously vanished after a couple of days. No one questioned these minor things in this part of the world. He had a hat on and smart sunglasses. He had started out earlier t ...
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