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Share Earliest Memories - Part 1
KIyer 2014-10-5 19:48
Earliest Memories “Everyone has a story… to tell. And I want to tell you this one.” This is the story of a little boy from India, barely three years old. He is actually a grown old man now, still fancies and likes to think of himself as middle-aged, but this is from when he was a child, from his earliest memories that he can still recollect today in some detail. The following are the memories as recollected by this man. Many of the d ...
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Share The Soul Of Peggy: Yarns From A Town Called Alex
KIyer 2014-9-5 07:25
The Soul Of Peggy I visited my friend Sheila in town today. She lives in an assisted-living unit in town with her black cat “Lucky” and dog – “Peggy.” Often, I see her scooting about town. She is a cheerful ex- Liverpudlian with an Irish accent who drove buses in London and later in Australia. Sheila has an appreciation for a well-turned phrase, good songs, a great understanding of their history and subtleties – what she calls ‘trivia.’ It is usually something profound or int ...
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Share The Path To Utopia Is Not A Straight Line - The Premise
KIyer 2014-8-24 18:36
The Path To Utopia Is Not A Straight Line - The Premise "What is the shortest/quickest path from Point A to Point B?" When asked this question at school, while studying geometry, we would all join in chorus and reply "A straight line joining those two points!" We would feel clever. Until, one day, an arts teacher came and asked us the same question. We all laughed and gave the obvious answer. "No!" said the teacher. The class giggled a bit. "B ...
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Share 'Wax-N-Pickles' - Memories of America
KIyer 2014-8-21 07:01
'Wax-N-Pickles' -Memories of America It is Easter time and I was walking along the main street of Alex one evening. It was getting dark. Most shops were closed, but one had lights flashing framing the display window and it was open. It sells all kinds of knick-knacks that have a rustic look and feel about them. It is a store run by a local, C, someone I know. I walked in and there she was working with a friend on some decorative Easter goods for her store. After ou ...
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Share The Joy The Boy Brings... Yarns From A Town Called Alex
KIyer 2014-7-12 17:02
The Joy The Boy Brings... Yarns From A Town Called Alex
The Joy The Boy Brings... Footy on winter weekends It is a winter’s Sunday morning - cold, wet, and there are dark low clouds drifting along the sky. There is the sense, almost smell of snow somewhere around Alex, it must be snowing in Lake Mountain and Mt. Buller, each over 35km away as the crow flies. I get up and start early to drive my son to an ‘Aussie rules footy’ match against another town - Heathcote, which is about 120km away (just a two hour drive), which is still ...
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Share Talking Tall
KIyer 2014-6-2 07:21
I love this little tale, I read in my childhood. It is so truly indicative of human nature. I hope you too enjoy this. Talking Tall Long long ago, there once lived a community of the destitute and handicapped. They lived together as a wandering group - helping each other out, finding sustenance and begging alms in different villages and towns.They often sat around chatting to while away time with nothing much to do. Each often recounted how glorious their own past was and ...
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Share "Lend Me Some Atoms!" Yarns From A Town Called Alex
KIyer 2014-4-23 10:54
“Lend Me Some Atoms!” The final year students gathered around the front of the truck in a semi-circle, as the teacher, in the centre, pointed to something under the hood. The teacher was a new one – a ‘Mr Slac’ – “call me Mr Slack.” He was a tall, slim wiry man with a weathered face, sparse hair but a surprisingly young voice. At times he could seem totally dead to the world, almost inanimate. At other times he would seem just burs ...
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Share Satisfaction for The Sole: Yarns From Alex, Stories of Col -7
KIyer 2014-4-22 12:32
Satisfaction For The Sole Col, my neighbour has an old pair of leather shoes that are very comfortable. He is from a generation that I can relate to, growing up in India. He does not throw things away if they are worn or torn. He tries to fix them or get them fixed. And so it was what he tried rather than buying a new pair and trying to break them in. The old shoe leather sole was literally worn down. He sent it through someone he knew to ...
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Share Heather Labelled The Containers - Yarns From Alex -Stories of Col -6
KIyer 2014-4-10 10:56
Heather Labelled The Containers... My neighbour Col invited me to afternoon tea today. We had scones that his nephew had brought over. Good homemade stuff, frozen until ready to use. We warmed a few in the oven and had them with butter and jam alongside a cup of warm tea this cold winter afternoon. It had been frosty, bitingly cold and foggy this morning. Col had his fireplace going and his house was warm. He hobbled around slowly but was ...
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Share Separation By Fate - Yarns From Alex -Stories of Col -5
KIyer 2014-4-7 05:49
Separation By Fate A few days ago, Col called me on the phone. Heather had fallen down and needed to be helped up. She had had fall a few months ago and it was lucky she had not broken anything, though she had to go to the hospital. She had come back home after that. It was always a bit dicey, if she hurt herself she would most likely need to stay in the hospital or go where she needed more help and care to just get around. She would have ...
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