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Wrinkles Around Her Eyes And A Twinkle Within

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Next to the window, she sat alone

At a table for meant for two

Looking out at the setting sun

As longer the shadows grew


I did not want to come across as rude

I sat down a table away

Into her reverie I did not intrude

Even a “Hello!” I did not say


I ate quietly from my plate

She silently sipped her tea

Discreetly I caught glimpses of her

Never caught her looking at me


Pushing past middle age, just like me

She was bordering on the old

A gust of wind, she pulled her shawl around

It was getting a little cold


Her looks spoke of a goddess in her youth

Her clothes a little plain

It seemed like her lips had smiled a lot

And her eyes had seen some pain


The fading gold of her tresses

Now grey, around her face

The blue-grey eyes, lost somewhere

Her movements full of grace


The music played softly in the diner

As we went about our repast

The fading sunlight was almost gone

A little spell was cast


It seemed without a word or a look

Our souls had said “Hi there!”

Two words speaking volumes to fill a book

And some left over to spare


Shy and nervous, I was trying hard,

Trying hard not to stare

My nervous fingers combed my balding pate

Like in times when I had hair


We were both silently mouthing words,

To the song that was playing

The lyrics were just perfect for

What the heart was saying


Soon, she stood up, gathered her bag

And was about to walk by

I took a deep breath, composed myself but

I guess, I let out a sigh





I reckoned, I would try and dare

Dare catch one last sight

Before we both became two ships,

Two ships passing in the night


As I made bold to look up at her

Soup dribbled down my chin

I saw the wrinkles around her eyes

And the twinkle within


She flashed the most beautiful smile

That I had seen in quite a while

Said, “You must have had great hair when young,”

And as I gasped she went on,”Cat got your tongue?”


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All rights reserved

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KIyer: Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked it.

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