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 Long ago when I lived in the USA, I noticed that most words used there politically and in media were just labels. These labels often meant nothing close to the original meaning of the words they were derived from, sometimes they really meant the opposite - they were just meant to artificially create a feeling of being goodness/political correctness through association.. 

A 'liberal' does not necessarily have a mostly liberal outlook towards others, a 'democrat' does not follow democratic norms, 'freedom of expression' was a highly restricted right for most in most places, whether it is 'human rights', 'progressive', 'regime', 'authorities', 'national interests'.. whatever - every word had been highly distorted and twisted and used with a devious purpose in mind to serve a political or commercial interest. This itself signaled trouble in society to me.

 I am seeing it now - unravelling - even civil discourse, debates and communication between fellow citizens have become dysfunctional, often pointless and just a substitute for violence that is legally prohibited. It is difficult to unite a people without using language and the words are all like loaded, booby-trapped missiles... Coming from a different country with a different English language I could see it differently than my friends in the USA. I see the difficulty the USA is undergoing - such is spreading to other countries too that I have observed. We can no longer communicate clearly through words in English (or some dominant local language in a 'democracy'). We need ways to communicate from our spirit and values at a more basic level. I have stopped reacting quickly and reflexively to words and labels such as 'racism', 'right-wing', 'left-wing', 'conservative', 'progressive' as a general label. I try to figure out exactly what someone means in the context of a specific issue and then respond with my own thoughts. I wish the USA  and the world a better future with hope that most people who disagree really see the other point of view first without reacting and then decide to agree or disagree. It is election mode in the USA, for 2020, a season when words are particularly even more illusory in their meanings..

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  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-18 08:34

    SEARU: Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In C ...
    thank you for your comment Searu! warm regards!

  • The Christmas Spirit 2019-8-16 15:42

    Welcome you being back on the forum! Your topic is interesting! We bloggers should post more writings with unique fresh ideas to reader-friends.
    In China people waste too much money on friends who have to organize a banque at restaurant for kinds of reasons. (Such as kid‘s birth,  entering university or wedding, death of parent, and so on.)  I think colleagues should care and help each other with real heart that pure relationship can not be measured with banknotes!

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