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Share Indian Versus Western Adult Outlook
KIyer 2020-1-20 21:52
*Was discussing with my uncle from the USA today.* The adults in developed Western countries have mostly long invested in creating a system of honesty, meritocracy, organization, basic necessities of water, food, shelter, rule of law and individual freedom and choice, in which their children and future generations can get fairness, opportunities to rise economically almost without limits and a good life doing something that they are passionate about. They often used to 'pus ...
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Share Privileges Vs Entitlements
KIyer 2019-12-12 03:27
THE THINGS IN LIFE SN: WHAT WE WANT/NEED Feelings: System 1 Feelings: System 2 1 Mother’s Milk Grateful for privilege Entitled to as a Right 2 Father’s Love Grateful for privilege Entitled to as a Right 3 Food, ...
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Share POLITICS: Linear Programming and Why Karmarkar's Algorithm Won't Work In A Democ
KIyer 2019-11-11 09:21
Getting stuck with extreme idealistic unattainable or impractical expectations and positions on too many issues with one possible single vote every few years with so many others with differing opinions and interests is the big folly in the politics of democracy. Idealism is not bad in itself, but carried beyond practicality is foolish and futile. Older people with repeated experience of disappointments tend to become a bit more pragmatic, but not all do. ...
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Share Money and Problems
KIyer 2019-11-5 07:27
Money can solve many problems but not 'THE money problem'! ** THE money problem: Living within one's means Copyright (c) KIyer 2019 All rights reserved
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Share Words And Their Meanings
KIyer 2019-8-22 10:48
Long ago when I lived in the USA, I noticed that most words used there politically and in media were just labels. These labels often meant nothing close to the original meaning of the words they were derived from, sometimes they really meant the opposite - they were just meant to artificially create a feeling of being goodness/political correctness through association.. A 'liberal' does not necessarily have a mostly liberal outlook towards others, a 'democrat' does not follow de ...
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Share All The Holiness, Beauty and Evil
KIyer 2019-3-27 13:58
No place, no monument, no symbol or word is holy, beautiful, ugly or evil in itself. True Holiness and beauty, exists only within us - in the souls and thoughts of living creatures. Ugliness and evil exists mostly within humans. Copyright © KIyer 2019 All rights reserved
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Share The Most Basic Motivation For Wealth Creation
KIyer 2019-2-4 09:57
Not all who are wealthy are at fault somehow. Many earn it honestly or inherit it legally, not at anyone else's expense. Not all who are poor and struggling are so due to someone else's fault. They truly have not earned wealth or sympathy in society. There are corrupt and honest rich, just like honest and corrupt poor. They each need to be treated differently, according to their nature, not their level of wealth. A single individual cannot use more than a certain amou ...
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Share O, How The Times Have Changed!
KIyer 2018-10-12 10:20
For a long time we had politicians from the two major blocs trying to sound or appear to different basic values from each other to appeal to voters (even though they were basically the same). Now we have politicians from both major blocs trying to sound as if they all hold the same basic values to try and pull down those from their own party who are changing the status quo! Something has rocked their long established, smooth running gravy train. For a long tim ...
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Share No Need To Die And Go To Heaven
KIyer 2018-8-8 19:28
I have often heard that someone ‘died and went to Heaven’. It came as a surprise revelation to me when I realized that, I have stayed alive and come to Heaven. I look around and find it very familiar. It looks just like the area around where I live. I was walking outside, this evening after dark. It had rained earlier in the day and the skies had cleared up. I could feel a cool and yet exhilarating pleasant dampness as I looked up and saw the stars bright ...
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Share Human Nature
KIyer 2018-6-29 10:52
When the heart is heavy with misery, It's one who helps, we seek When the heart overflows with joy, It's those we love, we seek Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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