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Share From Lion To Pussycat
KIyer 2020-5-24 09:05
It was my early days in Australia. I was in the hospital emergency room with my kid in Melbourne. He had been attended to and then discharged. It had been a long night and we were relieved knowing we could go home now. Since I had arrived in the ambulance with him the previous night, we were taking a cab back home. There was a phone booth near the entrance of the emergency room that one could use to call a taxi. I used it and booked one. They said it would arrive in about 5 minutes. Rath ...
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Share Wrinkles Around Her Eyes And A Twinkle Within
KIyer 2019-10-23 17:04
Next to the window, she sat alone At a table for meant for two Looking out at the setting sun As longer the shadows grew I did not want to come across as rude I sat down a table away Into her reverie I did not intrude Even a “Hello!” I did not say I ate quietly from my plate She silently sipped her tea Discreetly I caught glimpses of her Never caught her looking at me & ...
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Share The Christmas Spirit
KIyer 2019-8-15 10:17
Met with a grumpy old man, a friend of mine with a heart of gold today. He always affectionately addresses me as "son". He is in hospital on a long recovery. I took my son along as he likes this curmudgeon. It was our "Christmas presence" for him. He was very happy to see us and in his usual manner gave my son some advice fondly with his put-on "grinch face". He always spoke about not giving gifts on occasions, not wasting money and that too borrowed money... He wants the younger generation to ...
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Share A Good Boy For Your Girl
KIyer 2019-5-7 19:38
Disclaimer: This is a fictional story, inspired by real events. I have used artistic license to fill-out, fill-in details. While characters depicted may seem to resemble real characters, they are to be considered just a figment of my imagination for the purpose of writing a ‘good’ story. I have lovely neighbors in Australia. They are also originally from my land of birth – India. They are from the north of India while I am originally from the south. We speak different lang ...
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Share The Extremes ?
KIyer 2019-2-3 09:03
SCENE 1 Sarah greeted her friends at the door, looking very happy and excited to see them, yet there was an unmistakable new calm and relaxed look to her. After they were all done squealing, jumping and hugging her in turns they wandered in. They all exclaimed at the elegance and beauty of the house, all the way from the front porch to the dining room via all the other rooms - on the standard house tour. The place was truly luxurious in an understated way - very upscale and hinted of obscenel ...
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Share The Sick Old Man
KIyer 2018-6-15 11:50
Wisps of hair, like streaky clouds Gathered 'round his head He lay under a tattered quilt Reclining on his bed The musty air smelled, Oh! so foul As I manfully held the bowl He struggled so noisily with his breath I feared he just might cough to his death A spoon of soup I tried to feed him Some dribbled down his chin He looked at me with his rheumy eyes ...
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Share "Dad, I'm Full" - The Left-overs Trick
KIyer 2018-1-30 09:10
From the time my babies first started to eat food served on dishes - from the age of 1, they have always known that if they are full and cannot eat anymore or dislike the food, most often, I would simply finish up the what was left and then wash the dish. I hate to waste food. It became such an accepted household practice that if my kids cannot finish any food anywhere, they would look for and bring it to me by default if I were around - even if at gatherings or in a restaurant. Now my babies ...
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Share Dennis and Shirley - The Lord and Lady Of Henry VIII Manor Eatery - Chapter 1
KIyer 2018-1-18 08:27
On the drive into Victoria’s high country - the Victorian Alps, from Melbourne, there is a scenic mountain road called the Black Spur or Black Spur Drive. It is one of the most popular rides for motorbikes, classic cars and convertibles (with their tops down), in Australia. It is also a great drive in a family car or bus. It is famous for being one of the most twisted roads with distractingly beautiful and spectacular scenery. It is tough to drive as a first-time driver if you are ...
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Share Lonely Lifetime In Hope
KIyer 2018-1-3 07:06
Lonely and in hope Many years passed Many years passed In asking what was in her heart In asking what was in her heart It took only a few seconds It took only a few seconds He knew what was in her heart He knew what was in her heart And many years have passed And many years have passed Lonely and in hope Finally when they got together, in a few days a lifetime ended. Photo credit and Copyright (c) KIyer 2018 All rights reserved
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Share LOST AND FOUND - Part 1
KIyer 2017-11-5 08:25
Ram walked home, shoulders slouched, his head and shoulders wet from the rain, his leather office bag obviously heavy at his side. He had had an unusually early start to this Friday workday. He seemed tired,quiet and subdued, but was watchful of his surroundings on the local train home. That bag carried an unusual load this day. He had gone to the bank and withdrawn a large amount of money. All but a couple of hundred rupees of it was already spoken for - advance deposit to buy a small flat thro ...
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