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The Snake is Gonne to Ride the Horse

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    2013 had witnessed the snake zigzag all the way. Sometimes, it lifted its head, wondering what the future could bring to the present. Sometimes, it rested in the middle way, expecting the blurring roads could be clearer. These moments, temporarily speaking, were quite tormenting. However, I am 100% for sure that it would play an irreplaceable role in the long run. I’d learned to pursue something that once lost we would regret for the rest of our lives. I begin to conceive my future self in a more humble way. More significantly, the broadening and narrowing of roads now could be more reasonable and practical. Whatever regrets that had been left in 2013 would be a stronger stimulus for the upcoming 2014.

       The year of snake, for me, was a year much of contemplation. I, more than once, was cornered to the only-one-question zone: WHAT am I going to do next? Thanks for the movie The Croods and the topic song Shine Your Way. I don’t have to wait my roads to be clear any more. For our hearts know the answers for sure, we just need to feed the feelings in our heart. We don’t have to fear darkness any longer for the only thing we need to do is to start a fire from a spark.

       As for 2014, imaginations keep swarming up. I expect to make a fortune and I am desperate to make the vow with my future-to-be in the face of friends, siblings, and parents. Above all, I’d like to send my best wishes to those who care about me and those whom I love. Hopefully, the wishes and fancies could be turned into reality by hard working.

The snake had been crawling throughout 2013, wandering, resting, and forwarding. It is time to jump to the horse and take the ride to tomorrow!

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zhxulong: How beautiful the essay is. I would like to learn English harder and harder to catch up with you.
Cheer up

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