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Share What I care is sexism
Terabithiar 2013-7-19 19:32
Being awoman in this world is not easy. Sincewe are goingover the agurments about racism once again,who ever think about the sexism aroundusas another big problem?Who ever take it seriously?And seriously? Although there may some laws on sexismlike the CEADW(The convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women)thatwoman and manhas the equal rights in many fields,what Iseeis the opposite.People think wom ...
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Share I quit
Terabithiar 2013-7-18 21:02
more and more,I feel no longer belong to myself. Noonceharmony,butalwaysargument. I am the murderer all the time. Maybe I should not exsit. Orshould I enjoy the suffering? Now,all I want is to quit. please,let me quit. Tired. And no more to say...
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Share letting die or killing?
Terabithiar 2013-7-16 17:55
The law for euthanasia is intent nowadays,It cannot be dodged for much longer. Euthanasia is not strange for those doctors who keep it openly in some countries which mercy-killkng is acceped by the medical establishment.Doctors find it's a principleto makeeuthanasia in a right way,they practice it only in the proper time when patients want the ending of the suffering and make a will to die in peace or they are too far gone to consent,when the time coming It's doctor's duty to let ...
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Share It's my diary,I am Leslie!
Terabithiar 2013-7-11 17:32
Hello,everyone,I'm Leslie,It's the first day I meet everyone here,and I'm so glad to see you all. I have a clear rememberance the day mymaster lunar(now my best friend)came to my house and found me in the cornor,"what's that?"she said in a curious voice,"I am not that,moron!"I said with contempt."look,she is beautiful."moronignored it and said to another one,"watch her curledgreenfoliage!So pretty,isn't she?"I have a feeling thatmoron turned aroundan ...
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Share My grandmother's house
Terabithiar 2013-7-10 20:12
It has been a long time since I went to my grandmother's house.When I was still a child,its one of my paradise,I kept a long time living with my grandmother and grandpa,and that memories can never be forgotten. Grandmother's house was at the end oflane.I love that lane which was very quiet in daytime,however,at night,was boisterous.And flowersblossomon both side ofthe road,sweet fragrance of mixed jasmine and rosemary.I remember everytime I passed,I was in a goo ...
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Share I am a demon
Terabithiar 2013-7-8 19:10
I ama demon,would die in purgatory. Let fire burning my soul. Let ghouls gnawing my skin. let monsters eating up my heart,nibble every piece of it. let it be scarlet! Let the crow poking my eyes. Let it be bloody! Let my torso sinking in deep water. Let sunshine never be there. Let my family,my friends,forget me. Let stranger hate me. I wont be sat,wont cry for I have no tear,no heart,no soul. For Iam a demon,would die in purgatory.
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Share Familiar stranger D
Terabithiar 2013-7-8 18:43
D is not my friend.A friend must be the one you know much and talk to much,the conversation beween you and your friend is necessary.But for D,we never have a chat before and will never have opportunities to have one. The first time I sawD was at school library,just like anyother students always keep silience and studied hard,he sat opposite to me and Ididnt noticed him untill one day one of mygirl friendscame here sat near me,suddenly,things became dramatically. My ...
Personal category: my life time|1325 views|2 comments Popularity 1


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